Chen Lei: Four Opportunities for Internet Developers

1. 智能硬件    Intelligent Hardware

在智能硬件这个领域,腾讯的做法和软件开放平台的方法类似,就是我们把平台开放出来,让硬件的创业者和我们的平台接轨。今天我们的做法就是把腾讯软件行业的能力在硬件行业里也继续开放,把 QQ 的通讯能力、帐号能力、提醒能力、微云的存储能力、广告能力都开放出来,希望帮助创业者尽快创造硬件方面的奇迹。

The way Tencent handling intelligent hardware is similar with the opening of software platform. It means that we open the platform to integrate the hardware entrepreneur with it. Today, with the hope of helping entrepreneur to create a miracle for hardware industry as soon as possible, we continue to integrate Tencent’s abilities in software field into the hardware‘s, such as the communication, account and remind ability of QQ, as well as the storage and advertising ability of Tencent Cloud.

2.互联网+    Internet +

“+” 是指传统行业互联网化的趋势,这是一个非常紧迫的需求。我们做了一个微信云的服务,帮助微信帐号周围的服务商去做一个平台。微信公共帐号现在每天的增长量超过 8000,它的总量已经超过 300 万,在这样一个高速增长的领域里面,创造出了大量的创业者,目前大概有 2000 多家的微信公共帐号服务商在活跃。微信云推出之后,已经有超过 1500 家服务商申请入住,实际上接入的有 300 多家,服务领域跨越了 16 个行业。

“+” refers to the tendency of traditional industry to use Internet for business purpose, which is on highly urgent demand. We created a WeChat Cloud service to help service provider create a platform within the micro message coverage. The total number of WeChat Official Account is 3 million, with a daily increase number of 8000, where huge number of entrepreneurs appeared in this field with such a rapid growth rate and over 2000 company’s dynamic WeChat Official Account. There are over 1500 service providers applying to access the Cloud since the launching of WeChat Cloud, but there are only 300 service providers that covering 16 industries get the right.

3. 社区迁移    Community Migration

我们一直在寻找能让 Discuz! 在 PC 领域的成功迁移到移动端的方法。我们做了微社区,也设计了一条把用户从 Discuz! 论坛迁移到微社区的方法,同时打通了 Discuz! 和微社区的内容。我们知道今天在 PC 论坛的整体日活跃量是上亿的,我们相信从 Discuz! 转移到微社区的过程中,我们能够在微信和手 Q 里创造上亿用户活跃量的巨大社区群体。

We are looking forward to a method for migration of Discuz! from PC industry into the mobile. We created the Micro-Community and figured out the method of transmitting user from Discuz! Forum into Micro-Community as well as connect it with Discuz! and Micro-Community at the same time. We know that the total number of active users on PC forum has reached a 100 million, so we believe that our Wechat and mobile QQ can have huge community groups with over 100 million active users during the transmitting from Discuz! to Micro-Community.

4. 大数据化    Big Data

在大数据创业领域,腾讯云提供三个免费的重要服务:第一个是腾讯 OpenData,把腾讯的大规模计算能力开放出来,我们现在有 6500 万台的数据集群,开放出来以后,会免费帮创业者做计算,如果你做大数据领域的项目,可以毫无成本地去创业; 同时,我们把腾讯的社交和游戏里面的运营方法分析出来,沉淀出一个腾讯云分析的产品,如果你做的是互联网社交或游戏产品,腾讯云分析就可以帮助你运营; 跟腾讯云分析结合,我们还推出了一个云推送的产品叫信鸽,可以精准推送,在运营中可以通过腾讯云分析给用户打标签,之后就可以定向推送开发者想推送的运营信息。

Tencent Cloud provides three free and important sevices for big data entrepreneurs: the first is Tencent OpenData, which opened the large-scale computing capabilities of Tencent. After its opening, we can help entrepreneur to do computing for free with our exisited 65 million data clusterings; if you are working on a programme of big data industry, you can start a business without any cost; while we can analysis the operation routine of Tencent social media and games to make up a Tencent Cloud Analysis product that can help you with your Internet social medias or game products; Besides, by combining with Tencent Cloud Analysis, we have launched a Cloud Messaging product named XG Push which can send message correctly and get the user labled through Tencent Cloud Analysis during operation and then send the operational message they want to developers directionally.

From: The Cyzone

Translated by Lynn, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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