Devoted to integrating worldwide resources and facilitating cross-cultural exchanges, CCJK Technologies has been unswervingly targeting every piece of the newest resources in sight and bridging between the resource and its applicable market.

This is genetically inborn with this organization, whose team is leading a fulfilling career in delivering the culture and language synchronization part of the globalization trend that has been surprisingly prominent and irreversible.

The foremost mission of CCJK is to melt the inter-cultural and language barriers in the communication amongst all peoples, be it spoken or in print, or anything implicit in any way whatsoever. In spite of all the evident discrepancies and dissimilar custom and conventions, we hold tight to the faith that all mankind share the same humanity deep underneath their skin of various colors, and we are devotedly missioned to assist everyone on the planet to discover the shared core values besides the co-existing differences that make us who we are.

By doing what we are most adept at, CCJKers are shedding its solid efforts in heating up the communication amongst all nations and corporate entities, providing the full suite of top-notch internationalization (i18n as Microsoft puts it) services including multilingual translation, technical/business document design and development, website development and localization, software translation and localization, desktop publishing (DTP), various mobile application development, Internet and offline marketing and consultancy, etc.

However, we are not solely obsessed at providing suites of mature and market proven industry solutions for big corporate, but fundamentally concerned about pushing growing businesses up to a new height with our expertise and experience. We just know how business can be done and done better.

Revenue and profit are in no way the performance benchmark or anything prominent in the operating philosophy of CCJK, and the fulfillment that we obtain after the successful conclusion of each project lies in the gaining of pleasure out of having contributed.

Resource synchronization is the footstone for building vibrant and culturally barrier-free language and non-language communications. We utilize every possible means to build an ultra-productivity that ensures the deliverance of large volume of internationalization and localization services. And we offer both segmented services and industry-oriented full suite solutions that address complex problems and challenges in a systematic way.

The number of reliable linguistic and engineering talents in CCJK’s reserve pool built over years has mounted to whopping thousands and they are scattered around all corners of the world, and one good benefit about that is we can well understand the thinking logic of almost any people in the world. And that has been one proven advantage in our project history.

Although boundaries keep shifting, we are still one of the best players in the language solution field and have leaped a step forward in localization technologies and have come up with full suites of solutions to address the internationalization challenges. Going with the devotion are the specially tailored service items including document translation, typesetting, desktop publishing, formatting, website design and localization, software design and localization, ebook design, technical writing and e-learning ware development.