CCJK is now operating translation and localization business in the global markets; we need every ccjker who can continuously improve the way we do our jobs to keep the CCJK Competitive.

Team member is more likely to share his/her ideas for work improvements as long as team leader give every team member credit for his/her contributions.

CCJKer recognition programs is designed to enhance CCJKers’ relations by communicating that the CCJK cares about every CCJKer’s ideas and is willing to reward him/or her for his/her efforts.

Human Resource Management Committee here by developing and maintain a formal CCJKer recognition programs, which includes suggestion systems and recognition awards.

Suggestion System

The Suggestion System is designed to solicit, evaluate and implement suggestions from CCJKer and then reward the ccjker for worthwhile ideas.

 We have Suggestion evaluation committee to evaluate each suggestion fairly and provide an explanation to employees why your suggestions have not been used.

 Implement accepted suggestions immediately and give credit to the suggestion’s originator. The “CCJKer Monthly “will be used to publicly recognize employees whose suggestions have resulted in improvements.

 Make the value of the reward proportional to the suggestion’s benefit to the CCJK.

Recognition Awards

Recognition awards give public credit to every CCJKer or CCJK Teams who make outstanding contributions to the CCJK. The awarded CCJKer or CCJK Teams will become role models for others by communicating what behaviors and accomplishments the CCJK Values.

 The recognition of teams and ccjker who make important quality contributions can be either monetary or nonmonetary.

 A recognition award can be initiated by a team leader or by an internal customer of an individual or a team in CCJK Community, with nominees evaluated by a recognition and awards committee. We must emphasize here that quality improvement is anytime, anywhere and anyhow in CCJK Community.

There is no limit on the number of times that a ccjk or ccjk team can receive a recognition award.

 We also have to emphasize that a celebration of the ccjk team or individual CCJKer’s success that is to encourage all ccjker to work toward the CCJK’s Goals–

–To be a global company.

 Recognition awards that focus attention on team or individual ccjker accomplishments include:

1. A company-paid picnic to which your team members and your families are invited;

2. T-shirts, Coffee Mugs and team activities with a team insignia encouraging your team commitment

3. A company-paid dinner or tickets for you and your spouse.

4. A Donation in the name of your name to the charity of your choice.

5. …other initiatives, which are waiting for your suggestion. Send your ideas to [email protected]; we are just waiting for your new ideas.

 We must exclude such a case that a reward appears to be motivated by favoritism or becomes a popularity contest rather than clear recognition of excellent performance; it can depress rather than improve our organization morale.

But what do we have to take into consideration in implementing and designing a public recognition rewards in CCJK Community?

 We must have clear reward criteria

 We have to ensure that judges of the recognition reward are not personally related to the recipient.

Let’s say: if a CCJKer’s team supervisor or co-worker is on the rewards committee, this person needs to excuse himself or herself from the voting to avoid a perception of favoritism.

 The presentation of the reward shall be given on a sincere basis

The speaker who presents the reward to the recipient in front of peers must focus on giving a sincere message of appreciation to the employee being honored. The presenter should avoid engaging in theatrics and exaggerated gestures that make the recipient feel undeserving and embarrassed.

 We have to personalize the reward if possible

For the reward recipient, if you love sports will probably appreciate tickets to a sport , We do not highly recommend cash reward. That’s not what we are encourage in CCJK Community.

Why do you hesitate to give a thoughtful reply?

Will you still stay there alone and keep complaining or hesitating your efforts, won’t you?

We are here, to be the first one to initiate the suggestion program for all ccjker,

Please do join us in pushing forward this suggestion programs, let’s make the dedicated efforts to re-engineer the CCJK into a more proactive, mutual trust, effective communication community.

Send you suggestion to [email protected] , we are lining up here for your message.
Take care and Best Wishes