CCJK SEO Basic Action Plan


A kick-off Internet Advertising campaign is usually necessary when you plan to promote your website. But to achieve a long term and cost-effective advertising effect, you will need Professional SEO Service to optimize your website’s innate attraction to Internet search engines so as to maximize the exposure of your website and eventually get you real customers.

CCJK’s dedicated SEO engineers can adjust your website content by going through every possible advertising key word in all languages and eventually elevate the rankings of your website in the search result of as many Internet search engines as possible. CCJK take five steps for SEO Basic Action Plan:

一、 Step One: Keyword Research.

One of the basic steps in search engine optimization is keyword research. Here competitive keywords relating to the site and unique to your domain are found. Keyword research report include global monthly searches, local monthly searches, Keyword Results in search engine, Keyword Competition, Keyword Density and so on.

Use techniques:

Carry out keywords research for English site (using Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool ) and Mandarin site (using Baidu Index Tool).

二、 Step Two Carry Out & Create Meat information.

Meta information (title/keywords/description) is used to provide additional information about HTML documents so that the search engine crawlers are able to index the information more accurately.

Use techniques:

Research and Add title, keywords and description that matches with the content of each single page.

三、 Step Three: Indexed your web pages

Attract Search Engines to “Grab” your web pages. Your website will be collected by Search Engines by using proper server technologies and website structures. The performance for this stage is your web pages will be collected/indexed by most of Engines many times.

Use techniques:

a) Dmoz title and description optimization and submission.

b) Creation of robots file.

c) Site map for better crawling of your site.

d) Others.

四、 Step Four: Keyword Optimization

a) Implement webpage optimization, adjust the “stand-out”, proximity and density of keywords; Suggest more reasonable webpage structure and friendly user experience; Develop a backward link worksheet to create high-quality backward links as many as possible.

b) The performance for this stage is to get ready for getting a higher rank, increasing the PR (Page Ranking) value.

c) It’s also a very important step in SEO, accounting for 65% of the whole workload.

d). Service Time: 3 months or more, until the specified target/result is reached.

e) Final results: Your website will appear in the first 3 pages of Search list in popular Search Engines (,, for the specified keywords.

Use techniques:

a) HTML Validation Checking.

b) SEO Copywriting.

c) Search engine submission by hand to all the major search engines.

d) Link popularity building (SEO friendly links, no paid links).

e) Social media link building (SEO friendly links, no paid links).

f) Social bookmarking Services.

g) Link baiting using various techniques applicable to the site (SEO Friendly links, no paid links).

h) Natural links from education and government sites (SEO friendly links, paid links).

i) Others.

五、 Step Five: SEO tracking and adjustment

During implementation of the above steps, our engineers will follow up/track the results of SEO, and run a new round of SEO work, we’ll provide detailed data of each step for your reference.
Use techniques:

a) Technical Support Through Email.

b) Comprehensive Monthly Ranking Reports.

Any needs for CCJK SEO, please do not hesitate to email me ([email protected]).