Translation is becoming more and more important in this internationalization environment. Founded in the year of 2002, CCJK is now a leading company in translation and localization solutions in China. During the past ten years, we developed from a small team to a professional award-winning company.

There are 40+ in-house employees belongs to several departments: Language Dept with 10+ sophisticated elite, with responsibility for translation, editing and proofreading to provide our clients with best quality; Project Dept with 6 smart persons to answer clients’ question, treat with different kinds of files, find the proper person to deal with each project and follow-up with our clients as well; Marketing Dept are mainly focus on exploring new clients; DTP Dept set up type related projects; IT Dept deal with IT solutions and related localization.

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CCJK is dedicated to provide translation and localization services to organizations all over the world; to customizing its services to meet different clients’ needs. We owe our success to our commitment to excellence, our dedication and continued pursuit of perfectionism, synergetic endeavor, real-time response to the client’s specific requirements and ,most important of all, delivery of the best quality.

CCJK can provide you with:

…Hundreds of Comorian translators overseas, with native language speaking and abundant translation experience

…Fluent use of CAT tools, including but not limited to Trados, SDLX, Catalyst, Wordfast

…Strict TEP process: Translation-Edition-Proofreading, ensuring the best quality

…Higher quality with cheaper price

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Knowledge about Comorian Language

Country: Union of Comoros (Union des Comores)

Area: 2,236 sq km (include Mayotte)

Population: 779,000, with annual growth rate of 2.3%. Mainly consist of Arab descendant. The official languages include Comorian, French and Arab. More than 98% population practise Islam.

Capital: Moroni

Total Population: 50,000 (in the year of 2000)

Important festival: National Day 6th July

Currency: Comoros Franc KMF (1KMF=100 tambala)

Comorian (Shikomor) is a Niger- Congo language. It is the most widely used language on the independent islands in the Indian Ocean – Comoros – and Mayotte. It is a set of Swahili dialects but with much stronger Arabic influence than standard Swahili.

There is a different dialect in each island: in Anjouan it is called Shindzuani, Mayotte is Shimaore, Mohéli is Shimwali, and Grande Comore is Shingazija. Official alphabet is not emerged until 1992, using both Arabic and Latin scripts.

Comorian has another name called Shimasiwa, with the meaning of “language of islands”. It is the language of Udzima wa ya Masiwa, the national anthem.