About client

Wahseah Arowana Fish Farm is a Malaysian company built in 2003. From humble beginnings Wahseah Arowana Breeding Farm has grown to two farms with the capacity of successfully nurturing twenty thousand Arowana fish. Through mastering the breeding process and significant investment of patience and funds, Wahseah Arowana has grown from a hobby to two farms with dedicated incubation facilities and natural mud ponds for the raising of the young fish all the way through to them being ready for transportation. The various varieties includes:24K Golden Head, Golden Head Blue Base, Super Red, Highback and Super Highback.

They endeavor to be recognized by the international fish breeding industry and their global customers as the leading innovator in Arowana fish breeding. So far, their sales offices are in Malaysia and China (Shang Hai, GuangZhou and TianJin) and their customers reach Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, England, Austria and others.

The client recently released their promotion video aiming to share their enthusiasm with anyone holds the same interest in Arowana fish. The original is an English video introducing their company.Considering the promising and vast market in China, they would like us to provide a suitable voice over talent to record the script in Mandarin Chinese.

Project requirements:

They are looking for Chinese voice talent for a corporate video. The voice over is for a five minutes video script.

They requested us to deliver it based on our professionalism, using the appropriate tone according to the script content.

Because their company business is fun and appealing to their target consumers, they would like a male voiceover, who can speak in the similar tone and enthusiasm that we could hear from the voiceover in the source video.

They also asked to be entitled for small amendments after the first delivery.

Our solution

After getting inquiry from the client, we provided several female voice samples suiting this video’ images for client to choose. In quite short times, client just gave us the feedbacks that they preferred male voice and their favorite is Mr. Hainan’s voice.

Since they have selected the voice over talent, the voice talent watched the source English video carefully and recorded several paragraphs in this script as a sample and sent it back to our client, asking them if they like the talking speed, emotion, loudness and any other things they might be focused on.

After client confirmed on the sample’s quality, the voice over talent proceeded with the rest recording in our studio and make delivery to them within 2 working days.


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