About the project:

We received a Word file from client and it needed to be translated from English to Simplified Chinese. Words count was about 17,000 words. The content was on tourism. We handled the project as usual: created term list and new TM, translated with Trados, edited by second translator and proofread by a third translator. OK file was sent to client on time.

One month later, client sent us an email saying that they had re-drafted the English source file and they needed us to recheck our Chinese translations and make the required alterations.

CCJK Solutions:

  1. Compare the first English original file with the re-drafted English file, and create a new tracking file which indicates the revised places. How to compare files: open MS Word file → review → compare → select original file and re-drafted file → OK.
  2. We can find that the first English original file was revised completely. New contents are also added. According to words count of MS Word, we can find that there are about 4,000 new words. That means our translators need to recheck our translation sentence by sentence. So we need to regard this recheck feedback as a new project including translation part and editing part.
  3. Words count for editing part is equal to words count of the first English original file with about 17,000 words. Words count of translation part is the added words compared with the first English original file.
  4. Send new quotation list to client together with the tracking file after comparison and explain to client that usually, if the source file was just handled with small revisions, we can regard it as a feedback and recheck translated words for free, but now, the revisions are too many and we need to recheck all the contents. So we need to regard it as a new editing and translation job.About CCJKCCJK Technologies Co., Ltd. is a provider of translation and localization services with 14-year experience in the industry. It was certified by ISO 9001:2008 and is the member of ATA, Proz and TAC (Translators Association of China). CAT Tools include Trados, SDLX, MemoQ, Wordfast, Transit, Catalyst etc. and we can also offer free testing translation within 300 words. CCJK Technologies provides end-users with first class translation services with consistent quality at competitive price, both individually and in partnership with some of biggest translation agencies in the world. Excellent business ethics and quality-centric operation have earned CCJK reputation in the business and clients from all business sectors.