Circumspection is really very important in our work. We must wholly understand what our client need and their requirements.

In the project ‘Re-design 1 Web Page’, we met this situation and cost more time and money to finish it.

The client actually need the pages as below:

On page step 1 of 2

NOTE: The header and links for this page and all remaining pages should be the one you already created for the first page. The page that says ”The internship directory”

The first bubble is correct.

The second bubble is correct but the information below should be the following:

First Name

Last name

Phone number

Email Address (Will remain private)

The third bubble should read: Internship/Agency Information:

Name of Internship or Agency Site:

Street Address:

Street Address 2:



Zip/Postal Code:

Agency phone:

Website Address:

Please delete the bubble that says quotes “Please select your primary active mental-health license” as well as the therapist type and pull down.

Continue (Make this a button to go to step 2)

Step 2 of 2

Please forget or delete the step 2 page that you created. None of this information is needed.

For step 2, please begin with the step 3 page you created. This page should be step 2.

On this page, please delete “years in practice” along with the slider at the top of the page.

Please delete the entire section under education

Please delete the entire section under credentials

Please delete the entire section under additional certification

Please add:

Agency Overview (Can be added/edited later)

Please provide 4 lines so user can enter text

But we made two more extra pages. Helpfully, the client gave the details to us later so that we can make the revision.

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