About project

Shenzhen NIL Bio-technique Company Limited is a famous pharmacy/medicine related enterprise devoting to the development of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry with modern biotechnologies. The company was publically listed in Hongkong Growth Enterprises Market in 2005. NIL needs their Articles of Association and other materials translated from Chinese to English to meet the policies/regulations of Hongkong Securities and Futures Commission. Documents to be translated include:

Articles of Association

Company announcements

Financial reports



All of these materials need to be strictly confidential and are not allowed to be disclosed until officially published. Otherwise, all parties concerned will be held liable and prosecuted.

Our solution

1. All of our translators and project managers are required to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) before being engaged.

2. There are 5 skilled translators with over 3 years of professional translation experience in our office who majored in medicine or related disciplines. It’s a great help to the client’s projects!

3. CCJK has a “Confidential Room” for translation, where all USB ports are locked and unable to be plugged in without specific authorization, where all internet access will be recorded and tracked. So there is no chance to disclose any info at all!


1. The client saved up much: “Your quote is only 70% compared with others!” said by the client representative.

2. All materials are strictly kept secret during translation.

3. All tasks have been delivered timely without delaying the client’s schedules.