About this project:

Our client has an online store selling varies of make-up products in Singapore, like skin care and hair care products. He wished to remove his website to a new platform where the customers can more easily and conveniently purchase personal care products like skincare, bath&body articles, hair care products, makeup and gift sets for both female and male. Magento is his first choice for website implementation.
More ever, he is willing to expand the market to Mainland China. So, to develop a bilingual website in both Simplified Chinese and English language is the second step right after the website implementation.


1. Website creation: The client needs our web engineers to develop a bilingual website based on the platform of Mangento.

2. Website localization: This website should be a bilingual one of both English and Simplified Chinese. This needs not only translating the product names and features into Simplified Chinese, but also understanding of the Mainland China market to make the target texts attractive to local people. So this part goes far beyond a simple translation work. So far we have translated more than 200 product descriptions for them.


Our dedicated efforts and commitment to this project helped us to fulfill all his expectations. Our actions resulted in:

1, Successful implementation and localization of the magento website
2, Improvement in many details based on the old website
3, building a good client-vendor relationship through the whole project
4, Quick turnaround of deliverable, meeting the client’s deadline
5, This client’s complete satisfaction, which leads us to further cooperation on another long-term project.

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Magento Website Design
Newsletter Sign up
Promotions and Discounts Codes
Integration with Payment Gateways
Migration to Magento Platform
Magento Web Hosting,
Installation & Tuning
Magento Version Upgrade

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