In the project Book Design, what most impressed me is service attitude! For all the patience and resolve I paid, I earned my customer’s trust and support not only on this work but also other projects.

At the first begging, I’m not very familiar with the details of this job as this is passes on to me from Heidi. But I know, what I need to do is to get his trust again in order to get the client back to us! So at first I contact the PM and people who responsibility for this work to know the specific process.

And promised to finish the rest work for free! Only if we show our integrity will the client be happy to cooperate with us again. On this basis, I got the rest design project from him.

During the time, the client asked me revised again and again. I answered all patience and cautious. Months ran on after I finished the job. But I get more from this little thing.

Our client needs more modification and he thought it would be better to pay for us. He said: We need to make some more revisions to the English text of the book so I have created another project for the artist; I have selected an hourly rate as I think this is a better method of payment for us both.

From now on we can see the effects naturally. In fact he needs not to afford this, but from the services I gave him in the past, he willing to give us the money initiative.

Actually at that time he is still in England and prepared his VISA to China. He thought we are his best choose and create the project one month ahead. In his email he said: Wang Lin and I shall go through the book together when I am in China and I shall return on the 15th March providing I am granted my visa but there should be no problem with this. So, can you please keep this project open for us?

This client not very familiar with Elance and in most cases it would be a little inconvenient for me. However, he trusted what we said and gave us a right to decide the hourly rate: I created another job with the hourly rate as ‘decide later’; I do not know what the artist’s hourly rate is so can you put this in for me?

I do really wish we could have another pleasant cooperation and be grateful to have such a good client!