Card Payment - Suppose Cash Disappears

新兴的支付技术快速改变着我们的生活方式。目前,在美国所有销售网点的交易中 66% 用卡完成,而在英国这一数字也将近 50%。不过,虽然离真正的无现金社会出现还有相当长的时间,但大量革命性技术的出现会让现金在不远的将来变得可有可无。

The emerging payment technology is changing our life style rapidly. Currently, 66% of transactions of all sales outlets in America are completed with card, and the number is nearly 50% in Britain. However, although there is a long time to truly realize a real cashless society, a large number of revolutionary technologies will make cash dispensable in the near future.

就拿非接触式卡来说吧。它们非常适合微支付。能在几秒钟内刷卡搞定的事情,为什么要带一堆零钱那么麻烦呢?31% 的人会因为没带够现金将商品放回货架。消费者渴望新技术所能带来的便利,同时零售商也因为缺乏多样化的支付手段每年损失数十亿美元的流水。

Take the non-contact card which is perfect for micro-payment as example. If we can complete the payment by card in seconds, why do we troublesomely take a mass of change? About 31% people will put goods back on the shelf because they don’t have enough cash. Consumers expect the convenience brought by new technology. Meanwhile, retailers have lost billions of dollars every year for the lack of diversified means of payment.


The dream is going to be reality at abroad. In Iceland, you will notice that the buses do not accept cash and swiping card is a default option on taxi. You also will be expected to use your card in cafes, even if you just buy a cup of espresso. Sweden closely follows Iceland and is followed by the US and the UK.


Maybe the most exciting progress is the application of biometric identification technology in payment. In future, the fingerprint identification, retina scanning and voice identification will occur as payment methods of retailers, which make shopping more convenient, both online and offline. The biometric identification technology is irreplaceable in terms of simpleness, convenience and security. It is also a good way to prevent counterfeit, because you are the only one who can pass the identification.

From: The Iheima

Translated by Elodie, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

Edited by Steve, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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