Two short years, from 2010 to 2012, has witness the great success of this device. It has gone from a curiosity to a household name. IPad, a creative and wonderful device in technology industry, has changed the way of people think or consider. The Apple has been emphasizing the importance of iPad since Steve Jobs pulled back the curtain on the first iPad.

However, one of the big questions from two years ago still remains: can an iPad replace your laptop? It’s a question that has been labored over time and time again, with no definitive answer.

When you ask me about that question, I would say yes for the first time. I think at least for most people agree with me. It is so smooth, thin, beautifully designed and it can be regard as an excellent e-book and journal reading device. Strong Battery life makes it can last about 12 hours when the Wi-Fi is on and back-office e-mail downloads. With fast and prospective touch sensibility, it brings people marvelous feeling and recreation.

But there are some problems that the iPad have to deal with if Apple want use it to replace people’s laptop.

Extensive typing on an iPad has always been a problem for most people. Repeatedly tapping your fingers on glass is never going to be pleasant. You will be angry with the iPad for its bad tapping ways of input. A Bluetooth keyboard solves that problem, but then you’re left with an extra device to lug around. At that point, the advantages of using a tablet over a keyboard are diminished.

Today, Apple gives us an easy and simple solution: buy a case with a built-in keyboard. These accessories are light-weight, they allow you to prop up your tablet while typing, and you can tuck them away when you’re done. Sure, you’ll have to pay around $50-80, but if you write anything longer than emails, it will be worth the price of admission.

However, the latest cutting edge technology makes the laptop become an ultrabook which is as smooth as the iPad. The ultrabook is much more powerful than the iPad in the extensive typing aspect.

When talking about photo editing, iPad has met some difficulties though it drastically improved its function during its release. Graphic design and display needs the support of powerful GPU. No matter how powerful is the GPU in iPad, it can never match with the laptop even desktop. The possibility of playing games like Call of Duty is undoubtedly none. Although there are Adobe’s Photoshop Touch and Apple’s iPhoto which make the iPad a good image editing platform. Video editing is the same with the graphic editing. iMovie isn’t far removed from its Mac counterpart.

Sometimes we heard people complaints about the iPad’s lack of Flash. I don’t think this is really a problem because more and more websites are using HTML5 instead of Flash. It helps to deal with this question but this process takes time.

Since then, I’ve mostly stood by that original assertion that the iPad is not a replacement for a personal computer. When will the iPad replace your laptop? If Apple really wants the iPad to replace the laptop, there is still a long way to go.