What exactly recruiting managers at an organization are really concerned about?
It is really not easy for job seeker to find a right fit role in an organization within a limited period.

Sometimes, we usually heard that job seekers complained that why it is not so easy to find a rather competitive job opportunity.

As a recruiting specialist working at the CCJK Technologies, I would like to take this opportunity to give some useful suggestions to these unsatisfied job seekers.
Let’s set aside for a moment factors such as academic preparation, work experience, personal presentation and interviewing skills, fit to job and fit to organizational culture, earnings expectations, location factors, quality of referees, and the economy.

Everywhere in the world, the number one most effective job search technique is personal networking. Not replying to job postings or sending out CVs. The usual estimate is that 70% of jobs are hidden or not advertised. Usually, hiring managers will work their personal network or try to generate interest through referrals. I’m not saying that’s the best way to hire. I’m just saying that’s what most hiring managers do.

What are your odds?

But if you network and can get somebody to hand-carry your CV to the hiring manager, now you are a known entity. When that hiring manager walks your CV over to HR, they will have to respond either to you or to the hiring manager to say why they will not pursue you. Referrals are often tracked. They matter as one piece of the statistical analysis of quality of hire. Your CV better be perfect and relevant to the job or HR will resent the hiring manager for interrupting them with non-qualified paper. You may be asked to apply online using a referral code, please use it.

Then, How do you try to build your network?

Start drawing circles on a piece of paper. In the middle circle, put the names of everyone you personally know, co-workers, family members, your neighbor, your teachers, the guy who fixes your car, your ex-girlfriend, everybody.

Then, ask each of these people to give you the names of 1 to 3 people they know that you do not know. Put these names in the next circle out. Contact these people in the second circle, tell them who referred you, and ask for new names. Keep repeating this cycle until you get 3 or 4 circles out. Your next job is waiting within these circles you just have to go find it.

What useful social media can we use to get a meaningful connection to professionals ?

That’s what LinkedIn is, an automated way to make circles.

Use your QQ, WebChat, RenRen,Weibo and other Social Media such as face-book, twitter, Google+ to build circles and referrals.

Join a business chamber or attend one of their sponsored events or conferences. Volunteer to help on a project.

What do you say when you network?

Write and practice a 30 second pitch on what you are trying to do to help the employer. Find a specific problem to solve and demonstrate how your skills solve it. Define your solution in business terms, such as money or time saved, quality or error rates improved, risk reduction, increased customer satisfaction (even internal customers).

We always heard people say that we are busy. Don not try to waste their valuable time at the first 30 seconds.

Hopefully, with these good suggestions you may get a good beginning in building your brighter and even wider professional social networks.

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