Now English is the world’s most widely used language, the use is very wide. At present in the society many people study English, some people to obtain the diploma through the test, some people to be promoted, some people to go abroad; Also some people to understand the English-speaking country the society or the science and culture, also some people have the interest to English language.

Also English is important to Chinese college students. If we don’t have some English knowledge, we probably fall behind other persons. With the rapid economy growth and the economy globalization, there are increasingly joint-corporations established in mainland.

If you want to enter these big companies which enjoy high reputation in the world, besides a high degree diploma, you should speak English fluently. Only can you own these, you have the qualification to compete the work position in these enterprises. I think it is important for everyone to learn English well.

Firstly, if you can speak English, you can do business with foreigners and earn more money. Secondly, you can make more friends if you can speak English. That will bring you more happiness. Thirdly, you can get high scores in your English exams if you learn English well, which will please your parents and English teacher. Fourth, if you learn English well, you can go to study abroad. Then you’ll be able to gain more knowledge and absorb the best of both western and Chinese education, which will be of benefit to you in the future. Finally, if you learn English well, you can get a better job and a higher salary. That means you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Learning motivation

Learning motivation is a desire to learn the intention the psychological needs or attempting to reach goal of a motive and inner strength. Only greatly stimulate students to learn the motive, can mobilize the enthusiasm of students, thereby enhancing the quality of learning. Generally speaking, the learn motivation is more clear and more intense, students learning positive are higher, the better the effect of learning.

Train and motivate students motivation to learn and inspire students strong desire and a strong interest in learning is especially important, but even in teachers teaching, use the adoption of appropriate educational measures, use of certain incentives, to enable students to learn English and translated into an interest in learning motivation, to enable them to learn English from passive into action, formation of the active learning and to improve the English proficiency of students.