“How to update a TM with an unclean file?” this is a important question which the Project Handler cares about mostly. Because we should keep the TM as the newest updated one when the projects are finished.

How should I do if we only have one bilingual file (sdlxliff), but would like to have an updated TM? It seems that it will be so difficult and complicated to process, actually it does not. Let us have a look at the methods about this.

Now let us open Trados Studio 2009, Select “New Project”, enters into the below interface.

Click “next”-à”next”, and see the below picture

Only add the language which is related to the project and delete the non-related language.

For example: this project is the translation job from English to Chinese simplified. So we should delete the Japanese language from the list and choose the English and Chinese language bars

And then click “next”, there is another interface. See below:

Click “Add Files”, Select the file need to be used for updating the TM according to the pathway.

After finished, click “next”. We will see following interface.

And then click “Add”, select the TM which should be updated. Click “Next” until the “Finish” bar appears.

After click “Finish”, it will appear the following interface. Please make sure there are no errors and warnings reported.

Click “Close”. And now you have completed the updating of TM with a sdlxliff file.

Besides above method, here is another way to update the TM.

Select “Project”-à”Batch tasks”-à”Customized”

And select the three segments “Update Project Translation Memories”, “Populate project Translation Memories” and “Update Main Translation Memories”, add them into the right column. Click “Next”

Click “next”-à”next”-à”Finish”à”Close”

If you would like to check whether the translations are updated into the TM or not, you can locate the TM by double click “Translation Memories”. And you will see the contents in the TM if it is updated correctly. See below:

Isn’t it easy to process? Try now!