Overcoming Communication Challenges for Logistic Companies

Speed, agility, and next-day delivery are the new terms consumers are fast aware of now in recent years. A consumer may not know about the details or jargon about logistics, warehousing, shipping, and inventory, but they do know how to place an order and when to track it online in real-time.

/ by AZ Susan

Technology & Translation: Exploring the Impact of Technology on Translation Industry

Innovation is a part of the IT industry. With its far-reaching effects in almost every industry, technological enhancements had a profound effect on translation technology as well. It’s not surprising that the use of technology is also increasing in the translation industry. Over the years, due to these technological changes, translation change has evolved too. […]

/ by Shahzad Bashir

How to Improve Your Language Learning Skills

Learning a language is one of the handiest skills. To study or work abroad, your bilingual (or multilingual) skills become a representation of your personality and captivity. But one this is guaranteed – learning a new language is a hardcore skill. Once you start learning, you will be amazed how rapidly you absorb the new vocabulary, grammar, listening skills, and so on.

/ by Shahzad Bashir

All You Need to Know about Gamification in E-Learning

Learning is an ever-ending process. Nations and companies that don’t work on the learning and development of employees lag in many fields. It is an era of globalization and competition. To get abreast in any field training and development are very important.

/ by Shahzad Bashir

How to Become a Subtitle Translator

In this era of globalization, it becomes more imperative to understand each other by mitigating the communication barriers. In this way, developed countries will be able to share their developments with underdeveloped countries making the world a liveable place for humanity and creating peace in the global world. This resulted in the formation of jobs […]

/ by Shahzad Bashir

How Many Languages are Spoken in Turkey?

The republic of Turkey which was once the hub of the Ottoman Empire holds great importance in the global world. It has an enriched history, civilization, and culture.  The strategic location of Turkey combines both Asia and Europe. Moreover, it has a silk road through which people do trade between Europe and Asia.

/ by Shahzad Bashir

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