10 Fun Facts About Chinese Language and Culture

Language and culture are interlinked. Different dialects of language came into existence when people from different cultures interacted with each other. If you want to understand the culture of any country then you must understand their language. Therefore, language and culture are integrated.

/ by AZ Susan

How to Build a Multilingual Website

Why do you think businesses are creating a multilingual online presence? The reason behind this endeavor is to cater to the international market. Due to globalization, we have seen that a large number of companies are penetrating foreign markets to ameliorate their revenues.

/ by AZ Susan

Business Translations: Doing Business in UAE

If you are thinking about doing business in the UAE for the first time, then this article is for you. We’ll be sharing with you some general information which will hopefully help to give you some useful knowledge about the country.

/ by AZ Susan

What are Sworn Translations? An Ultimate Guide

If you want to immigrate to a foreign country in search of education or employment one of the most common requirements is for you to submit a sworn translation of your documents from one language to another, let’s say English to French.

/ by AZ Susan

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