How to Become a Subtitle Translator

In this era of globalization, it becomes more imperative to understand each other by mitigating the communication barriers. In this way, developed countries will be able to share their developments with underdeveloped countries making the world a liveable place for humanity and creating peace in the global world. This resulted in the formation of jobs […]

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How Many Languages are Spoken in Turkey?

The republic of Turkey which was once the hub of the Ottoman Empire holds great importance in the global world. It has an enriched history, civilization, and culture.  The strategic location of Turkey combines both Asia and Europe. Moreover, it has a silk road through which people do trade between Europe and Asia.

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How Many Kinds of Translation?

The translation industry is one of the lucrative industries of all time. Do you want to know why? This is because to live in the globalized world, we must communicate with people that speak multiple languages. As human beings, we cannot learn all the languages so we are always in dire need of translation services.

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Quality Control Vs Quality Assurance: Understanding the Differences

A lot of times people confuse the concept of Quality Control with Quality Assurance or vice versa. In this article, we will try to eradicate any prior confusion that you might have had. Because these terms, though part of the same goal, cannot be used interchangeably. In the corporate sector, you might as well commit fraud by confusing Quality Control with Quality Assurance.

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What Language is Spoken in Iraq?

Iraq is officially known as the Republic of Iraq. It is located in Western Asia surrounded by Turkey on the Northside, Iran in the East, Saudi Arabia on the south, Kuwait in the South-Eastern. Moreover, Syria on the west, and Jordan on the southwest side. The biggest city and capital of Iraq are Baghdad.

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