How Many Letters are in the Alphabet

Every popular and most widely spoken language in the world has evolved over the centuries. There are languages that had no writing system for centuries like Korean and Japanese languages and then there was a writing system that was customized for them.

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Why Should You Localize Your Game For Japanese ASAP?

Japan has one of the most lucrative video game markets in the world. It comes in third place after the U.S and China. Japanese gamers are the third largest spenders of money per user. The amount increases to around $371 annually. These figures, along with Japan’s strong mobile gaming market make Japan an attractive target market for video game creators. 

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How are You in Portuguese

When vacationing in Brazil or planning to visit new towns in beautiful Portugal, asking “how are you in Portuguese“ may be a mystery for you. However, greetings such as “how are you?”, “hello” and “how do you do?” in Portuguese are easier than you think.

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History of the Welsh Language

The Welsh Language is one of the ancient languages of Europe. It originated from Brythonic which is the most common language used in Wales, Southern Scotland, and England at the times when Romans were in power in 43 AD. Welsh appeared in the world of linguistics between 400 and 700 AD.

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What Language Do They Speak in Belgium

What comes to your mind when you think about Belgium? Probably, cheese, chocolate, Waffles, and Beer. It is known as the heart of the European Union where foodies love to visit. Belgium is surrounded by countries like Germany, France, and the Netherlands. It covers an area of 30,000 square kilometers.

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