Bitpay which provides bitcoin payment platform for commercial tenants(as Paypal of bitcoin version) is doing a financing of 30 million dollars, it is said that its value of assessment is 160 million dollars, the leading investor is Index Ventures, Richard Branson and the co-founder of Yahoo also follow, and recently they also get investment from Li Ka-shing’s personal fund.

BitPay provides back-end technical support for all kinds of payments, it also provides purchase button embed service for front-end. BitPay accepts bitcoin, then delivers real money into the account of receiver, so the commercial tenants don’t feel uncomfortable, because they still get real money like before.

The only difference is that according to traditional payment method, if you are a little commercial tenant in China, who wants to get remittance from a small country in Africa, it’s very complicated, and the handling charge is very high, but BitPay could lower the transaction cost dramatically.

According to BitPay, by last December, there have been transactions of 100 million dollars dealt by the platform. Although Mt.Gox bankrupted lately, some people want to make MIT the first place in the globe that supports bitcoin in wide range (Two MIT students wanted to give bitcoin of 100 dollars to all the undergraduates in the university for free.)

All kinds of venture capitals were jockeying for position, Marc Andreessen also plans to invest several hundreds of million dollars for bitcoin., the domestic bitcoin exchange, also finished A-level financing of tens of thousands dollars and will go to foreign market in this year.

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