Bird photography II

While giving a close look in the image, to keep the eyes of the birds in focus is extremely important for a blurry eye will make the entire image looks unfocused. With wings and wingtips blurring, the photo can still be powerful. This blurry thing can be caused by many factors as we have mentioned in the “Is your photo blurry”, like camera shake, poor physical focus, condensation, etc. so you know how to deal with them.

Portraits of birds can be very beautiful but if you would like to catch them doing sth you have to make all things outstanding. These static actions including preening, singing, feeding, flying, scratching, anything a bird does adds a sense motion and gives more of an insight into bird’s world. If possible behavior shots involving two or more birds can be more interesting.

Birds have various feathers which may be not so easy to be discovered when they stay outdoor, like in the bushes or in a tree. Heron is one of them, when she’s standing static by a river, you can never find her unless she flies away or you had a clue that how she came to where she is. So if you have any chance that makes them standing out from background color, it would definitely be great!

As with any image, following classic compositional rules will help you add impact to the image. Like the rule of thirds, horizontal vs vertical orientation and centering all work towards creating a very strong image. If the bird you are shooting is in motion, there are special considerations of composition for action photography.

When you have higher aims that to shoot some uncommon birds in the deep forest, you have to do more work, on security. Prepare some professional climbing shoes, bags, necessary medicine such as band-aid, medic alcohol, band for unexpected wound. As always, dawn and dusk go with amazing lighting condition, that is my favorite time personally.

At last, be happy as well as capture some great photos.