More Biometric Sensors Will be in Mobile Devices, Confessed by Samsung

据 WSJ 消息,三星的高级副总裁 Rhee In-jong 周一在香港向分析师及投资者表示,公司正计划将生物识别传感器技术应用于移动安全系统中,而低端智能手机中也将有可能搭载生物传感器。

According to WSJ news, Samsung Electronics is working to use biometric sensors in its mobile security system which the company expects to be available for low-end smartphone models, the company’s senior vice president Rhee In-jong told analysts and investors Monday in Hong Kong.

Rhee In-jong 称,三星正研究各种生物识别机制,并计划将虹膜识别(即眼纹识别)这类较为新颖的传感技术将率先用在高端智能手机中。此外,由于生物识别技术的安全性相对更高,未来也将有可能会被广泛用在三星移动设备中。

The company is looking at various types of biometric and planning to apply the iris identificationinto high-end smartphonesinitially,. Biometric sensors, which relatively have a stronger security level, might be extensively applied in Samsung mobile devices in the near future, Rhee In-jong said.

From: The 36Kr

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