Most of the time, we are taking about the Google search engine optimization, so when you have done a great job on google, which will you find next?

actually, bing is a good way to discover, it also can bring you some traffic. we all know that most of the search engine use the same factor to rank our website, but it do have some difference among them, let see and finits d how it mattes.

1. Content

Content is what Bing looking for, if you are able to provide clear and connotative text, and easy to crawl, bing is more likely to index your content, and displays in the search results. If the content of the site is thin, mostly advertising, or redirect the readers to another page, it is impossible to have a good search ranking. Your content must be easy to read, providing readers enough and the latest content.

BTW, Bing said that some content will soon be out of date, some of the contents within a few years are also still relevant, but how could Bing know the content outdated or not? that some secret with “Clickstream” (its also affect google well)

2. Links

Links can help Bing find out new content, and on behalf of the vote/trust between pages on some extent. the search engine include Bing prefer natural link, the methods of purchasing links would lead to the opposite results and may cause punishment.

3. Social

the most important function of Social media is to help improve search engine ranking, the obvious part is the social impact, if you have influence on the social media, you can let your followers to share the content of what you say. these are what bing looking for, and will ultimately affect your natural search rankings.

In Social SEO which we now call SMO (Social Media Optiomization): social signals , visitors, search ranking factors are mutually influence and social signals has gradually increase its search ranking influence.

Google Plus has great influence on Google search ranking, at the same time, Bing SEO will be subject to the influence of Facebook, because Microsoft itself is Facebook’s shareholders accounting for about 1.6%, they are also partners.

4. Indexation

Indexation is the first step to generate traffic in Bing, Bing get to know what to index by the links to your site and bing webmaster tools, you can use Bing webmaster tools to manage the crawl action.

the crawl operation of the search engine can be divided into four major parts: crawl processing, rating, and display. so the very first thing is to let bing know how to crawl your website, general method is submit sitemap.