Big Data, Just a Tool not a Master Key


Big data accords with the essential nature of Internet in our times as they two are all virtual, which is also an inevitable phenomenon of social development. However, if the enterprises devote all energy in big data application and neglect other profit models during transformation, they will lose more than they gain.


On the one hand, enterprise benefiting from the internet is an inevitable profit model in the new era context. Because the entity economy remains sluggish and the offline ways are almost blocked, traditional enterprises can only seek for new profit space through internet. This diversion is not to follow the fashion but because they have no alternatives.


On the other hand, mass of data is stored when the market is e-commercialized, which caters to the reconstruction of industry chains better. In such a case, many asset-light enterprises integrate into the tides of online industrial reconstruction very early and become the leader to make profit before the big data emerges. The formation of big data invisibly drives these people to enter in a wider profit space and benefit more. Thus, traditional enterprises only focus on these “tide players” during transformation while neglecting those losers, which produces an illusion that all enterprises committed to big data application are profitable.


Actually, the size of so-called online big data is small and the truly large-scale data has not been dug out or shared. At present, the true big data are still stored in the manufacturing, government, media or banks, and remain to be awakened. The current data processing software is inefficient to handle the released data on the market so the relevant data mining, data intelligent processing technology and dynamic tracking approaches need to be perfected.

From: The Tmtpost

Translated by Demi, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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