Just imagine that you want to learn to drive, but the problem is that the instructor speaks a different language. What will you do? Probably, you will select the instructor that speaks your language.

So that you can understand the instructions. The same goes for the healthcare industry. There is no room for error in the healthcare industry because human life depends on it.

Many people from developing countries visit developed countries to get state-of-the-art healthcare services. Each country has a different official language. Therefore, when people reach abroad, they face a communication barrier. To mitigate the communication barrier, they take assistance from professional translation agencies.

These agencies provide them with impeccable medical translation services. With the help of these services, people can understand the diagnosis of their disease and the prescribed treatment. In the medical field, interpretation service is equally important as translation services.

The main difference between translation and interpretation is that translation is done in written form whereas interpretation is done verbally and orally.

If you are visiting a doctor in a foreign country, then you need to communicate with him to tell him about your ailment. Here you are communicating with the doctor directly. Therefore, you need interpreter services for healthcare. For this, you have to take the assistance of interpretation agencies.

At present, interpretation services are used by many global businesses, hospitals, and different organizations. Therefore, they hold great importance in the globalized world.

Many medical interpreter agencies are working around the globe. For selecting a medical interpreting service, you must do thorough research. Let’s have a look at the best medical and life science interpreter services in the world.

Table of Content

  1. Fluent Language Solutions Inc
  2. The Language Doctors TLD
  3. CyraCom Language Solutions
  4. United Language Group
  5. K international
  6. Morningside Translation
  7. Ulatus
  8. Stepes
  9. Medtrans
  10. CCJK
  11. Wrapping Up

1. Fluent Language Solutions Inc

Fluent language solution is one of the best interpreter companies in the USA. They started their journey in 1989. At present, it is acquired by language line solutions. It provides impeccable online interpreting services.

Moreover, they provide face-to-face interpretation solutions in spoken and American Sign Language. They have a team of competent and experienced interpreters that are proficient in over 100 languages.

Fluent language solutions provide health care interpreter services and interpretation services in the field of education and law. Additionally, corporate sectors in the United States also use their services.

To your surprise, fluent language solutions provide services like onsite interactions, 36 million phone calls, and deliver services to new clients every second.

2. The Language Doctors TLD

TLD is the market leader in healthcare care interpreter service in a digital world at a low price. Moreover, they are also providing services on document translation, interpreting services, and website localization.

They act as a bridge-builder to mitigate the communication barriers. Language doctors always provide their best services to develop an ever-lasting relationship with their customers.

They are using the best artificial tools associated with human competencies. Therefore, they are providing state-of-the-art interpretation services in six continents and 300 plus whopping languages. The language doctor is available for you 24/7.

Therefore, you can order telephone, video, online and onsite services anytime. Additionally, this company has a wide experience of 25 plus years, and it is still flourishing.

3. CyraCom Language Solutions

Do you know that CyraCom is also one of the top leading interpreter companies in the USA? It specializes in providing medical language interpretation services. It has been serving the entire translation industry since 1995.

It is providing interpretation services in 100 languages around the corner. CyraCom has a network of a large number of interpreter contact centers. Therefore, it is ranked second in the list of medical interpreters in the USA.

The services they provide are onsite interpretation, video interpretation, and medical interpreter phone service. CyraCom language solutions enable the interpreters to polish their skills by giving them comprehensive healthcare training that is tougher than typical language interpreters.

According to 95% of the customers, it provides the best interpreter services. The quality standard of this company can also be analyzed by the fact that it has taken multiple ISO certifications.

4. United Language Group

Another interpreter company that is providing interpreting services in a whopping 200 languages is the United language group. Whether you require translation in healthcare services or government, insurance, or legal services, it covers all the fields.

It is providing simultaneous, interpretation, video remote, and in-person interpretation services. Moreover, it also provides over-the-phone interpretation services.

United Language Group is using the latest technology to produce high-quality results. United Language Group, not only takes the medical emergency calls at a rapid speed but also assists in medical interpreter services in the USA.

The over phone technology team assisted with the latest technology to enhance the business. They are enabled to attend thousands of calls per year.

5. K international

Are you looking for high standard quality translation services, transcription, interpretation services then K international is a viable option for you? It has designed its services in several languages to provide the best medical translation services.

It is providing healthcare translation services in clinical trials, patient records, medical product packaging, and manuals. They have a team of proficient linguists that provide medical language translation in over 250 languages.

At present, medical technology is evolving with research and development. Therefore, effective communication is required between the patients and doctors so that they can diagnose the ailment perfectly. While taking the services of K international, you can mitigate the communication barriers between you and healthcare services.

6. Morningside Translation

Morningside translation is one of the leading translation companies. It provides its customers with precise and accurate professional translation solutions. It aims to provide high-quality translations in legal, corporate compliance, and IP and life sciences.

It specializes in providing state-of-the-art medical solutions regarding commercial, clinical, and patent needs. Morningside Translation has expertise in life sciences because it is using state of the art technology in pharma, medical devices, healthcare, and biotech.

It aims to reach new markets while fulfilling all cultural and regulatory requirements through each phase of the medical product life cycle, which is from patent to post-market. Therefore, Morningside translation is known as one of the best medical translation companies.

7. Ulatus

Ulatus Life Science translation service has the objective of mitigating the communication barriers so that medical companies can ensure their global presence. It is providing impeccable medical translation services to expand its reach.

The most sensitive medical projects require accuracy and quick translation results. This translation company is backed by ISO quality standards that ensure seamless medical translation services on time. The translators at Ulatus are well aware of the international global standards and regulations.

Each step of the clinical trial requires medicine translators that have extensive experience in the medical field. Therefore, experienced translators at Ulatus provide linguistically, culturally affluent medical document translation services that resonate with the target culture.

8. Stepes

Stepes is one of the foremost translation agencies. It is providing certified medical translation services and healthcare localization solutions in over 100 languages.

It is enabling pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, CRO organizations, and medical device firms to translate their documents into multiple languages accurately.

Its employees are a team of professional medical translators who are subject-matter-experts of their fields. Therefore, they provide seamless medical translation services for any type of medical content. The objective of Steps is to help medical clients engage global customers, patients, and doctors by providing them with quality medical translation documents.

Therefore, if you are looking for seamless medical translation services for healthcare reports, patient forms, clinical trials then Stepes is a viable option for you.

9. Medtrans

Medtrans is a top-leading medical translation provider. It has been facilitating the medical industry for a decade. It specializes in providing seamless medical translation in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries.

If you want the best medical translation services online, then do opt for Medtrans. The translator’s team at Medtrans understands the unique challenge of the medical translation services like expertise, preciseness, accuracy, and confidentiality.

The team of certified translators at medtrans are proficient in medical language and are subject-matter experts in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industries. You can do medical translation in over 130 languages in a fast turnaround time.

Medtrans have incorporated high-quality control measures to ensure high-quality translation services. Moreover, they use robust management and performance-measurement procedures to produce state-of-the-art translation services.

10. CCJK

CCJK is a global-scale translation company. It is well known for providing high-quality localization and translation services in the medical industry. CCJK has a team of proficient translators that are hired after great scrutiny.

They are also subject-matter-expert of their field and provide you translation services in the language pair of your choice. With the help of native translators, you can get medical translation in any local language.

Furthermore, These translators are well-aware of medical terminologies and provide you with medical translation in the most clinical manner. They translate the medical documents without changing the intended message.

The project manager at CCJK assigns the medical project to the project manager that has already handled medical projects before. If you want reliable medical translation services at fast turnaround time and economical rates, then do opt for CCJK’s medical translation services.

Wrapping Up

As we all know, the COVID-19 has hit the entire world badly in 2021 and its new variant omicron is spreading now in 2022. In such a situation, the requirement of a medical interpreter and medical translation services is more than before.

This is because the standard treatment provided to the people should be the same despite language barriers. Here, medical interpreters and translators play a significant role. So you hire a medical translation and interpretation agency wisely.