Source files checking

Before you start any DTP jobs, it is a must to make sure if you have got all necessary file in hands. Is there graphic missing?is there font missing? You should report any missing to your client and ask them to provide the missing file in time, especially font and graphics.

Usually speaking, files for DTP should include below:

1. source typesetting file, it can be INDD、AI、DOC、FM or QXP, which depends on the typeset software the client uses;

2. source PDF file, that is, the PDF output by source typesetting file. The content in PDF should be same with the source typesetting file;

3. LINKS, that is, linked graphics;

4. Fonts


There are two cases for file with graphics:

One is to link. The graphics are not saved in the document, but there are paths which point to the graphics contained in the document. If the saved graphic is to be changed or replaced, the relevant graphic in the document will be automatically updated. If the saved graphic is missing, you need to ask client to provide it.

The other is to directly insert graphics into document. In this way, the file size will be increased and you have to re-insert it once the graphic is revised. However, it is not necessary for client to provide the graphics again.

There are three cases for “missing graphic”

1. If the client has clearly asked us not to link graphics and just typeset the texts, you do not have to ask for the missing picture to the client;

2. If the client need the layout PDF for review first, we can proceed the DTP first and then advise them to provide the missing graphics when you make delivery. To link the provided missing graphics before you make final delivery. This can effectively improve work efficiency.

3. The client asks to deliver the completed files and the PDF with high-resolution, we can also layout texts first and then link the missing graphics. It can also improve work efficiency, save time and shorten timeline.

Note: If the missing graphic is the one which need to be localized (there are localized text in the graphic), it is necessary to ask the client to provide the graphic for edit.

Missing Font

If font is missing, you should ask your client to provide all series of font form, that is, bold, fine, italic, normal etc…if the client does not need to explicitly follow the original font; it is acceptable to use other similar font to replace the original one.

Project instruction

Usually speaking, there are special instructions from your client, such as the requirement for platform and the version of the tool you use. If there is no special instruction, please handle according to routine procedure.

For big continuous projects, it is necessary to get all instructions together and make a checklist in order to facilitate the subsequent operation and keep consistency.


There are two kinds of delivery requirement, ebook and print (that is, high resolution and low resolution).

Certainly, some client will ask to use their specified joboption.

If there is no specified joboption, the above mentioned two ways are used.