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azerbaijani languageAzerbaijani or Azeri [9] or Torki[10][11] (Azərbaycanca, Azərbaycan dili) is a dialect belonging to the Turkic language family, spoken in southwestern Asia, primarily in Azerbaijan and northwestern Iran. Azerbaijani is member of the Oghuz branch of the Turkic languages and is closely related to Turkish, Qashqai and Turkmen.

The main language of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani. The Azerbaijani language is spoken by 96.6 % of the population[citation needed], while English and Russian play significant roles as languages of education and communication. Lezgian, Talysh, Avar, Georgian, Budukh, Juhuri, Khinalug, Kryts, Rutul, Tsakhur, Tat, and Udi are all spoken by minorities.

All these (with exception of Lezgian, Talysh, Avar and Georgian which have much larger number of speakers outside Azerbaijan, but nevertheless their usage is steadily declining) above mentioned languages are endangered languages which are threatened with extinction as they are spoken by few (less than 10,000) or very few (less than 1,000) people and their usage is steadily declining with immigration and modernisation.

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Source: wikipedia

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