As we may know, attitude and skills seem to be especially important for a sales person.

We submit proposals out every day and there are more and more inquiries from clients with all kinds of questions. We spend some time to analyze their requirements and provide relative adequate information as possible as we can. But we may not receive any further response at all.

We send messages to follow up, there’s still no reply. We’ll feel frustrated sometimes and want to give up. Some jobs we have made all our efforts to do, but the clients were still unsatisfied.

We took measures to make up for the dissatisfactions, make revisions or even refund. But some clients were still unhappy and gave us negative comments. Under this circumstance, we may also feel unhappy or angry except for frustrated. But please remember, we should keep a good manner towards clients.

We should understand this fact: All of them expect to have their products completed with top quality with reasonable price and in fast delivery time. If they are unhappy or unsatisfied with our work, we should do self-criticism, whether we were careless to read their instructions clearly or if we paid attention to do.

We should apologize when we made mistakes or when the delivery was delayed. Also, we should make the requirements clearly and confirm well in the beginning so that we would not feel confused while doing the jobs.

One important thing, we should maintain an optimistic mentality when we encounter with unanticipated problems and difficulties, let yourself calm down and analyze carefully, try your best to solve them. All will turn well and it also will help you to be more confident!

As a sales person, only if you have professional skills and rich knowledge, you can answer the clients’ questions adequately and timely. It’s sure you will do better and better. For example, these days I have been always worried much as I don’t know the knowledge about website design.

I have submitted many proposals in this field, also there have been many relative messages from clients, but each time I saw the messages, I didn’t know how to answer them. Some clients needed immediate reply or immediate work, so I missed the chances.

Now I know that I need to learn the relative knowledge as soon as possible, thus you will not be passive or not worry about any question from clients. Of course, to learn this knowledge will be a difficult thing, but it will be better even if you just know the basic knowledge than you know nothing.

Also, if you have professional skills, you can even do the job on yourself if it is very urgent or help to check if the completion is accurate. I believe this saying: It is never too old to learn.

To be a good sales person or to be an excellent person, it is necessary and important to have good and positive attitude, it can help you beyond your expectation and will also help you to have good interpersonal relationship. Also, with professional skills, you will be more competent and it will help you to success.