The Asturian language is spoken by an estimated 400,000 native speakers mainly residing in Asturias, an autonomous community in north Spain. Its capital is Oviedo and other important cities include sea-port Gijon and Aviles. In 2006, its population is more than one million. The mining and steel, as well as service, fishing and agriculture industries provide sufficient demand for translation service.

With a history of more than 35oo years, Asturias can be seen as the perfect combination of culture, nature and gastronomy. Asturias is a natural paradise which is well known for its extensive coastlines, great beaches, high mountain peaks, green landscapes and colorful fishing villages. It is also famous for its good food such as Cabrales cheese and cider.
The Picos de Europa, from Parque Natural de Redes

Playa de Ballota, near Andrin, Llanes

Somiedo Lake

The main industries of this area are mining, steel, agriculture, fishing, construction and service, etc. In 1970s and 1980s, Asturias was regarded as one of the most prosperous region in South Europe, thanks to its mining industry and steel industry which were the backbone of the region economy at that time. In recent years, mining and steel are in decline because of the competition from East Europe, high cost of production and the decrease demand of global steel demand. The traditional industries such as agriculture, fishing, milk production and its derivatives also place an important role in the local economy. Service industries in this region have made certain growth recently, which helps to reduce the local unemployment rate. What’s more, the construction industry has continued to grow and large shopping malls can be seen near the largest cities.
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