An Artificial Meat Company Modern Meadow Got a Huge $10 Million Investment from Li Ka-shing to Grow Artificial Meat and Leather in the Lab

科技巨头们都在追“人造肉”。李嘉诚对此也抱有很高的热情,于近日通过他的投资公司 Horizons Ventures 对 Modern Meadow 注资 1000 万美金用于加速研发和扩大规模。

Giants in science and technology are focusing on artificial meat. So is Li Ka-shing. Recently, with great enthusiasm, he has invested $10 million in Modern Meadow to help accelerate research & development and expand its facilities through his investment company.

Modern Meadow Inc., 这家位于纽约布鲁克林的初创公司已宣布能在实验室的容器里通过生物制造工程和 3D 打印技术来培育牛肉和牛皮。事实上,不仅仅是牛肉,其他红肉、鱼肉、家禽肉都能够通过非侵入性的动物活组织细胞切片提取进行生物制造。

Modern Meadow Inc., a startup located in Brooklyn, New York has announced that it can breed beef and leather in the vessels in the lab with bio-manufacturing engineering and 3D printing. In fact, in addition to beef, other red meat, fish and poultry can be produced with cells taken from animals via a noninvasive biopsy.

这个消息让许多肉食爱好者欢欣雀跃。毕竟,一想到盘中美食曾经是活生生地哞哞大叫地动物时,负罪感便油然而生,令人食欲不振。肉制品行业本生对环境地伤害也十分巨大,仅仅是美国人对肉类地喜爱,就占到每年 14.5% 的全球温室气体排放,这一比例甚至超过了所有交通工具尾气排放的总和。

This news cheers and excites many meat-lovers. After all, at the thought of the delicious beef in the plate that was once a living, breathing and mooing animal, they will have a sense of guilty and thus lose appetite. Not only that, but the meat industry is also incredibly harmful to the environment. Only Americans’ love affair with meat is responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, even more than all forms of transportation combined.

尽管“种”出健康、安全的肉在技术上颇具挑战,同时又面临着未来生物立法和消费者接受度方面的不确定性,Modern Meadow 仍然将其作为长期的目标。相对于“规模种肉”的难度系数,“规模种皮”显然在技术上更加成熟。1 平方英尺的牛皮需要 45 天的实验室培育,比传统畜牧业的 2-3 年在效率上提高了不少。Modern Meadow 的目标不仅是制造出高质量 (无伤痕、伤疤,颜色均匀)、低价格、持久耐用、不侵犯动物权益的皮类,同时也在探索如何不使用水和化学物质加工、处理牛皮的方法,以避免传统皮类加工业因使用化学制剂对健康和环境造成的危害。这对每年创造 912 亿美金的皮类加工业将是巨大的革新。

Modern Meadow still takes it as a long-term goal to grow healthy and safe meat, although it has great challenges in the technology, as well as uncertainty in the future biology legislation and consumer acceptance. Obviously, the technology of growing meat in large scale is more mature than that of growing meat. It takes about 45 days to create one square foot of leather in the lab, versus the two-to-three years it takes to raise, feed and shelter an animal in the traditional animal husbandry.

Modern Meadow aims to make high-quality (no nicks, scars or odd coloring), affordable and durable leather that will not violate animal rights, and also finds ways to process the leather without using water or chemicals to avoid the harm to the environment resulted from the chemicals used in the traditional leather processing industry. This will be a big revolution to the leather processing industry that creates a value of 91.2 billion dollars annually.

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