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Really need Albanian translation to expand and grow your global business? Is it also really a agonizing thing to find good ones? Caused nightmare by poor-quality Albanian translations? Now you can get rid of it now; CCJK can offer you professional Albanian translation services. We offer your company our translation together with localization, DTP services as means of support for your communication efforts.

Get to know about Albanian language

Albanian belongs to Indo-European, is the official language used in Albania. More than 6,000,000 people use this language. There are mainly two dialect: Tosk used by the Albania colony live in the middle and south of Albania and the northwest of Greek; Gheg (or Geg) used by the Albania colony live in the north of Albania (include the capital Tirana), Kosovo, The Republic of Macedonia and Yugoslavia.

CCJK Albanian translation services

Nowadays, there are thousands of translations agencies claim to offer top quality, perfect translation with low prices. However, sometimes the result is not ideal. Try CCJK to get good start, you will find CCJK is the most competent translation services provider. For more information about CCJK, please go to for details, you can also download “CCJK Brochure” for easier read.

As a professional translation Company with long history, here we are committed to providing you with the highest quality Albanian translations with competitive price and timely delivery. Why can make such commitment? Please see the below:

Stringent TEP Process

CCJK applies translation, edit and proofread process (TEP) for all translation projects.

T——native Albanian translators with relevant background related with the document

E—–independent senior Albanian editor to edit the file to ensure right and accurate translation

P—–proofread translation to ensure to eliminate any low-grade errors, such as misspelling, typos, missing translation, and also format issues.

Abundance Resource Pool

Reliable Albanian translators with quality experts in different field.

We have resource expert who is specially charge in recruiting, selecting and evaluating Albanian translators, after several years’ effort, we get many reliable, experienced full-time Albanian translators in our resource pool , they are all native ones and qualified to ensure the translation which meet to the local culture and custom.

Powerful project management

An experienced, professional Project Manager dedicated to your project, who will make sure the smooth and timely communication between you and our translators. Serve you with professional knowledge and attitude to get the right translations for you. Use right person for right thing. Only assign the specialist documents to the translators who have proven experience with the required area of expertise, such as, to assign the document about finance to the translator who has financial background.

Translation assets

The translation memory and glossary are maintained for the next release and all the related files are backed up. Also create project guideline and checklist to help keep your translation in consistency and in same style.

Albanian translation Industries / markets / subject areas

IT (software, hardware),Advertising, Business products, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Education, Automotive, Consumer products, Entertainment, Finance / Banking / Accounting, Government, Higher Education, Hospitality, Information technology, Internet/E-commerce, Manufacturing/Industrial, Marketing/Communications.

We offer compressive Albanian translation services 24 hours, 7 days a week worldwide!

If you have a translation related project, need a free quote or have any kind of query with regard to our language services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at +86-755-8611-7878 or +852-2139-5786, or just Request a Quote on line Contact us).

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