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Afrikaans is on of the two official languages spoken in South Africa (the other one is English). It belongs to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, distributed in South Africa and Namibia (South-West Africa). In total, there are around 6 million people native speakers in South Africa.

Afrikaans developed in the 17th century, originated from Dutch and was used by the first settlers. People such as the Khoikhoi and slaves from Malaya, Indonesia and West Africa use Afrikaans as their spoken language in daily use.

Within the first 200 years after European immigrants arrived in South Africa, Afrikaans was only a spoken language rather than a written one. Until the middle of the 19th Century, it came gradually into being as a written language. It is based on the dialect of South Holland, but much easier than Dutch grammar.

According to the 2005 edition of “Ethnologue: Languages of the World”, there are 6.2 million people using Afrikaans language in South Africa, including 1 million bilingual users of Afrikaans and English. This number is about 15% of the population in South Africa, only less than Isi Zulu (22.9% of the total population) and Isi Xhosa (17.9% of the total population). Afrikaans has different names in history, such as Cape Dutch or African Dutch.

In 1961, the Union of South Africa declared to leave the British Commonwealth, and formed the Republic of South Africa. Thus Afrikaans reached the highest status in history. According to Huning (1999), Afrikaans has transformed from a language with lower functions into a language with higher functions. In law, politics, literature and science, Afrikaans began to boom unprecedented.

As a professional translation agency, CCJK is experienced in handling minority language translations, including Afrikaans. We are in possession of a powerful Afrikaans translation team and abundant Afrikaans translation experience. Afrikaans translation is a main language translation in CCJK.

The members of the Afrikaans translation department have specialized knowledge background in different related fields, are good at Afrikaans comprehension, expression and translation ability. We have also many sophisticated Afrikaans translators and grouped them within their specialty areas. When receiving a professional file, we will distribute it to the translators with the related background, to ensure a high quality translation.

Furthermore, we have many editors and proofreaders, in order to insure the best quality of our translation. CCJK is firmly carrying out a strict TEP – translation, editing and proofreading – process and streamlined operation, to make our delivery with the best quality. We provide Afrikaans Translation Services to many Afrikaans Translation Companies, and have developed partnership with many Afrikaans Translation Agencies.

CCJK can now offer you Afrikaans Translation services in the following fields: software, hardware, desktop, advertising, financial, legal, architecture, chemical, medical, automotive, user manuals, marketing, websites, manufacturing, technical, contracts, e-learning, etc.

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