Caesar was a baby ape whose mother was killed in an accident that happened in the biotechnology laboratory. His mother was taking a medicine whose code was 112 before she died.

So the gene was inherited by Caesar, his eyes became green and IQ was above the average level of human-being. Will Rodman was an employee in the laboratory, he took Caesar home and raised him up like a pet. Caesar grew up very quickly and learnt how to use gesture language to communicate with human-being.

However, one day an accident happened, Will’s father was trying to drive his neighbour’s car, the neighbour was a pilot. He found out and tried to stop the old man from driving his car away. In the process, he used some voilence, so the baby ape, Caesar, was very angry and tried to stop him from doing that. The wild side of ape appeared in Caesar’s action.

He bite the pilot and frightened the people around them. Because of the accident, the animal control people came to the site of it and took Caesar away. He was prisoned in cage in the animal control center. The guard of the animal control center was not very friendly to the apes who were prisoned there. Caesar had some conflict with him and was punished by the guard.

In the animal control center, Caesar found the animal side of himself among the apes. He had a fight with one of the apes. At first, he was beaten down by the ape. However, as Caesar had the gene of medicine 112, he was much smarter than the other apes. He found a way to steal a knife from the guard, and made a key from the knife.

He opened the cage by himself and freed a huge ape in the animal control center. He also taught the ape who had beaten him a lesson and gave him some biscuit as prize. But he also found out from the fight that the apes were not united and were foolish. As he knew where the medicine 112 was stored, he tried to get out from the animal control center and went to the biotechnology laboratory to get the medicine.

At that time, the boss of the laboratory also found out the magic power of medicine 112, it can improve the cognition ability of human-being and increase their IQ. So he wanted more of the medicine and start the project of medicine 113. However, as the medicine came from a kind of virus, the virus was very dangerous to human-being, but it was safe to apes.

Caesar got the new medicine 113 and brought it back to the animal control center. He had all the apes there taken the new medicine. The apes became smarter, they didn’t fight with each other any more. On the contrary, they united as a team under the control of Caesar. Finally they got a change, they killed the guard in the animal control center by electricity and flew to the outside world.

Being out of cage and confinement, they got a new plan. They went to the biotechnology laboratory and freed all the apes there, who were used as substitute of human-being for the new experimental medicines. The boss of the laboratory was frighten by the apes, he called the police of San Francisco
and got into a helicopter to chase the apes and to kill their leader, Caesar.

Finally the apes and the police of San Francisco had a fight on the Golden Gate bridge. The apes won and flew to the national park nearby, they built a kingdom of themselves there. However, as for human-being, a disaster was coming nearer and nearer. The pilot was infected by the virus of 113 and speard the virus around the world…

The story tells us that nature has its rules and animals also have their own intelligence. If human was too arrogant about themselves and use other animals as test target.

Someday they may be punished by the nature, the animals might rebel and take human’s role instead as the controller of the nature.