Fortunately, I became a CCJKer in early July. Last week Anita came to Changsha to train me. After a series training, I learned how to post Ads in Proz, Elance and other PT websites.

I have to say that Pros is a magic website, I received many CVs from it as soon as I put up notices. Actually, since it was the first time for me, dealing with all these email is no easy at all. I replied every email after reading their CV and cover letters. Then I had all these emails and CVs on file.

So many e-mails needed to handle and I must continuously reply all these freelancers, which drive me a little crazy. I have never met such a situation before, however, I made some quick adjustments and continued to throw myself into the battle. Swiftly, I found the right way to deal with those trifling matters.

Last week, I began to recruit Chinese to English freelancers in universities of Changsha.

There are many famous universities in Changsha so that I could easily find many excellent undergraduate students and post-graduate students. In the first place, I register myself into all kinds of BBS of those universities and stick Ads in those forums.

The Ads were well presented and worked well, a lot of students were very interested in them and sent their resumes to me, besides that, most of them were willing to accept a brief test.

I was very happy to see the effect too. I e-mail them the test. It is prove that some of them are equipped with professional skills in translation. I appreciate universities have provided a large number of good resources.

I think we can develop a professional team in those universities, by doing so we company can cultivate a lot of freelancers and those students can make money and earn experience in translation, in return, they will develop their translation skills and improve qualities on tasks we offered. Finally, we can meet the win-win situation.

Working as a self-employed freelancer has its benefits and drawbacks. on one hand,

As a SOHO, you can enjoy a large extend of freedom, getting a chance chance of working from home. In your own environment, you can stay up as late as you want, wake up when you feel like it, work as you like it or not and so on. And you don’t need to thrust your way in the crowded streets and buses.

In addition, the easy and comfort environment will bestow inspiration for you. What’s more, it is not difficult to be a freelancer, there are many channels to get the part-time job.

You may just need to put your profile or resume in the freelancers’ websites such as Elance, Odesk and Freelancer. And waiting to apply or bid when suitable comes.

As a resource manager, you may think your relationship with clients doesn’t begin until the clients get in touch with you via mail or phone. In fact, the client relationship starts before the project starts.

Even more, it starts before you know the client or meet him. Usually, the client reaches freelancers through their websites; portfolios or through resumes that you submitted to different hiring sites.

This is actually how the relationship starts. To build and maintain the relationship between you and freelancers is a key to push yourself to the success.

Resource Manager is a process planner and tool designers on a daily basis to store, modify, and retrieve information about the resources they use in their respective processes.

Resource data is a combination of classification information and additional data in the form of associated imported files and links to other relevant context information.

The data is defined according to various class definitions, which are organized hierarchically. Each class defines a set of values, or attributes, that are the characteristics of the resource class.

The study of resource management has been invigorated by the promise that there is a best-practice, high-involvement management that can guarantee superior organizational performance.

None the less, there remain concerns that contingency theory still rules, that is, that the fit between the human resource systems and their context, and particularly the organization’s business strategy, is all important and, thus, that RM will only outperform other systems in certain circumstances.

To manager resource need to be very careful and patient, all these information should be classified and filed according to their attribute and application. Besides that, files also should be in perfect order so that you can find them anytime.