In the 21st century, everything is changing as quickly as flashing light, In particular, thing in the Internet technologies world.

Now, a new business model is up surging throughout the IT world, —Weibo.

I came to know this new IT term just about 1years ago; I remembered it was Sina Weibo bus ads painted on the city buses.

Just only within 1 year, another IT big world QQ Technologies, as the follower, engaged into this filed, then Sohu, Netease launched Weibo associated with their own typical function.

As an open platform, Weibo deliver an interaction function for all types of its users.

An emerging business model will be definitely bringing benefits for all users.

We can say that we are living in a web era, our lives are closely interconnected with each other by the web, a more web-linked and more mobile sphere, in which, people are more conveniently, and freely communicate, a great source power will be generated from it.

Then, for us, it is quite important to catch up with this trend and fully capitalize on it.

So, what we will do for the next?

First and foremost, it’s to organize and establish an outstanding technical engineer pools.