I have been here in CCJK-CS for twelve days since I got the offer to be a member of this company. New company, new prospect; new working environment, new beginning. When we come into a new environment, we need to adjust ourselves and adapt to it as quickly as we can.

In CCJK, the harmony atmosphere and Human-nature-oriented management are the aspects that I really favor. I like to work here and make progress step by step with CCJK.

Unlike members of other departments, we have a three half days entrance level training. During the training period, I learnt lots of basic sales theories and skills, such as the responsibilities of sales, strategies to serve our clients, how to use Trados to analysis word numbers, how to perform in the platform of Elance and so on. All of these are fundamental and beneficial to our works in the future.

Although the original intention of working in this company is to be an English translator, however, through HR’s suggestion and my serious consideration, I found that being an international sales representative is also a good choice and I want to challenge to this job.

I’ll do my best to be a good salesperson and I believe I’ll succeed in this field. In my opinion, sales play an important role in the whole company. Most of the businesses are on the basis of clients’ orders which require sales to make great efforts to persuade clients to accept our services.

For the first few days, we really have great pressure and anxious about the achievement. We are at sixes and sevens and have no idea whether we will get any orders or not because we never work as a salesperson before and have no experiences.

As a salesperson, the first thing we need think about is to establish confidence, and we should trust ourselves and our company. Nothing is impossible. We must believe that we can conquer any difficulties including our unhealthy thought. Be confident, then set a goal for ourselves and strive for the achievement.

For the following days, the main task of us is to write proposals on Elance to get the task. Writing an efficient proposal to attract clients is very important, and we should take everything into consideration, including the price, cost, delivery date, etc.

During these days, I got two projects, but the quotes are very low and we only seek minimum profit. I think I still should practice and learn to meet the needs of both our company and our client. We should stand on the perspective of both of them and make the greatest benefit of us on the premise that our services and prices can be accepted by our clients.

Before we reply our customers, we should read their instructions and emails carefully and think twice before we take steps. Only in this way, we can have a better understanding of their demand and then do our best to satisfy them.

Being a salesperson, we should seize the chance to establish friendly relationship with our clients because chances come and go quickly. When we get a project from our clients, we’d better communicate with them and ask if there are any other cooperation chances.

These are some thoughts and feelings of me during these workdays. I still need to learn from others and make progress in the future.