Today, shortly after the noon break at work, an email reminder twinkled at the bottom-right of my screen. At first, I thought it could be a resume submission from some random freelance translator, but after reading the content, I got to the status of being all excited and flattered, and then that of being utterly regretful after the little while of joy.

The email turned out to be the auto-reminder of my company blog, which was strange to me at first, because I had not received any of its kind before. It was a positive, well, rather positive, comment on one blog post I wrote in late November 2011, and what really startled me was seeing a number of 30 comments on the same entry, all giving equaling amount of compliment on the content. Well, I have to admit, I was flying high!

I am sure 30 is a lame number for most of you proficient blog writers, but for me, it is something worth saving up for the future, when I can please myself whenever I want to by going through the complimentary words, aha!

Then, I realized what an awful and irresponsible person I had been. Those generous and amazing comments had started to show up on my blog since January, yet only now did I know their existence, let alone replying to each of them as due courtesy. That was the moment when I sank into total regret.

Anyway, I went to the top to review the writing, wishing to figure out why it deserved so much from the good people. I don’t know how I finished the reading; there were times I could just shut down the computer and started to hate myself. The words cannot be any meaner, and there is definitely undue arrogance in the tone. (Article URL:

I didn’t bother to edit the article or reply to those comments at this “late” hour. Silently, I replaced the image link in the entry that had been broken for God knows how long, as a gesture of dusting it off.

I just love those guys with big hearts and want to say, that I am genuinely grateful to you kind people who are amazing enough to read and leave a comment on my writing. Thank you all very much!