My first impression of Dubai is its Burj Khalifa, formerly, Burj Dubai, which is the tallest building in the world; later on, I watched the film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol starred by Tom Cruise, which showed the spectacle of Burj Khalifa; recently, I’ve got a glimpse of a video about touring in Dubai by chance, then grandually I was deeply impressed and astonished by the beautiful and soothing scenery there, and I want to share it with you.

I will absolutely start with the skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The world famous Burj Khalifa is comprised of 160 floors and is of 828 meters high, that is 320 meters higher than the Taibei 101, with space-age-style appearance and the base in geometry full of Islamic architecture style – the hexapetalous Flower in the Desert.

The total investment into the building and the coupling periphery surpasses $ 7 billion. The ground 37 floors is the first Armani Hotel in the world, floor 45 – 108 are used as apartments.

The 123rd floor is the Viewing Deck, from which one can overlook the whole Dubai City; and the building is equipped with the fastest elevator which only takes about 1 minute to take people from the 1st floor to the Viewing Deck.

It is really fantastic and once you are on the Viewing Deck, you’ll feel relaxed and excited about the scenery and the city seen from that altitude!

Secondly, I want to introduce the Palm islands, which is comprised of Palm Deira, Palm Jebel Ali and the smallest Palm Jumelrah; and The World, the “eighth wonder of the world” is between Palm Jumelrah and Palm Deira.

The islands, overlooked from the sky, is very beautiful and looks just like two giant palm trees floating on the azure sea. If you carefully identify the “tree”, you’ll see it is formed by some well-arranged small and large islets.

Except the “palm tree”, you can also see a world map formed by 300 islets, including the shrunken France,Florida and Ohio of USA, and even the ice-covered Antarctica.

Those islands are not of the nature’s creation, but out of the ambitious artificial island plan. One thing I want to point out is that to live here is extremely expensive. It is said that only very rich people can afford to buy houses there.

Two famous stars, David Robert Joseph Beckham and Tom Cruise bought them on the extravagant islands.

There are more attractive and interesting places and sceneries there. For example, the deserts, it is not all about the sandy and dusty days, but of very unique style.

People can go sand surfing and can even go on a special honeymoon in the desert! It is really startling and unforgettable… the indoor snow slope. As there is no snowy days inDubai, the local people constructed the largest indoor snow slope at that time, providing snow activities no less than that of the snowy places; there are also the first Seven Star Hotel – Burj Al Arab and the largest shopping center in the world, etc. which are also worth of visits.

All in all, Dubaiis the most extravagant place in the world; and I think the ahead and advanced planning, non-satiation, innovation and practical work are the critical factors for Dubai’s one-by-one miracles. If we all possess that spirit and quality, the translation work is no longer a difficult task for us! And if you want to visit Dubai, I bet the places I mentioned above is your best choice!