In traditional methods of project management, the develop of project has been divided into 5 stages:

1. Start of project

2. Scheme of project

3. Production of project

4. Inspection of project

5. Complete of project

Not every project will go through all of the stages listed up, because some of the projects may be stopped before it’s finished, some of the projects don’t need inspection or scheme,and some of the projects many repeat stage 2-4 many times.

Although within different field, different stages’ name will be called, the actually stages can be defined as stages of solving problems:Define problem,Consider problem,Choose methods,solve and evaluate.

when we’re doing project management, we are trying to take in charge of the following five varieties:

1. Time

2. Cost

3. Quality

4. Range

5. Risk

Three of them are internal or associated with customers,the rest of them are set by the project manager.

So how could we nail this five aspect determined how successfully a project management is.

While it comes to Translation, the five stages of project management in CCJK are:


Prepare project file and create translation memory.

Project manager are responsible for checking source files to ensure completeness, and preparing source files in TM environment.


in this stage, ccjk strictly follow TEP flow to guarantee the best quality, which is: translation , editing and proofreading.

QA (Quality Assurance):

Professional LINGUISTIC verifies linguistic quality in context. Highlights changes in layout files and enters changes in bilingual files.


Project manager prepares localized files and ensure file integrity before delivery.

then reviewed by customer, if any question raised, revision step will be added.

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