2011 Summary

It’s been 5 months since I joined CCJK in August 2011. Undoubtedly the past 5 months is quite fruitful for me and I’ve really learned a lot.

In the first week I learnt about basic operation and use of CCJK BO system, shortly afterwards I began to take over the very first project, searching for and contacting interpreter from the BO resource, at the meantime coordinating internal editing under Icy and Linda’s help. Gradually I learned to use those translation support tools such as Trados 2007 & 2009, Wordfast, SDLX etc…

Then I learnt of how to layout files of different format and tried to handle more languages, from English, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Hindi, Indonesian to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Czech etc… Little by little I got used to this busy and complex daily work, having successfully tried to produce a satisfactory piece of work, and having experienced in waiting for translators and editors turnaround and stayed up all night, of course also I have enjoyed the relax moment by completing the task. Sometimes quality problems and customer complaints really made me feel upset and troublesome, but I understand that is an unavoidable step in making progress and turning out to be more professional.

During this period I gained valuable business experience, such us technique in using translation software, in timing co-ordination, as well as criteria to select related personnel , to communicate and maintain good relations with clients and so on …

I also learned from CCJK blog precious experience and technique shared by my colleagues, and more importantly, I learned to handle problems and face difficulties in a more mature and responsible way in order to proceed in a more robust pace in the future, and learned to have a more long-term vision to look upon, and a more scientific way to arrange each day’s work.

I also found that there are still a lot of inadequacies in my appearance. For example, I got really slack occasionally and sometimes impatient on various issues raised by the customer, as well as unclear of my working goal. There are also some other problems: Not strong enough to master the professional knowledge, not scientific enough in time allocation, not plenty enough in translators reservation, not attentive enough in dealing with customers queries and so on.

Among them, many of the problems still lie in mentality. I think I still need to constantly make adjustments in my daily work, and always strictly control my behavior and mind amid reflection on a regular basis. I believe I’ll do better next year and I wish you all a more prosperous 2012!