March 26, 2011, we celebrated this special hour altogether with 1 billion supporters in more than 100 countries, turning off their lights for earth hour.

Earth hour was first started in Australia in 2007, as a way to bring community together to acknowledge the importance of reducing the consumption of earth’s natural resources. Just one year after the first “Earth Hour” in Sydney Australia, it became a viral phenomenon.

Now this campaign has been spreading globally with up to 50 million people that participate in more than 35 countries. In the USA, it is estimated that 80 million people joined the Earth Hour movement in 2009, which had grown to nearly 1 billion globally.

And recent estimates show that, 1 billion supporters in 4,100 cities from 87 countries around the world joined in this campaign turning off their lights for earth hour. It hopes to encourage consumers, businesses, and governments to be thoughtful in action plans to carry out practical ways to reduce emissions.

It helps us to realize how human behaviors impact the earth. Earth hour is just a start, far more things needs to be done by us. Not only for individuals, but also agents, all can do something we are able to.

This year, the 1 hour light off campaign organized by WFF started at 8:30 on March 26th, started from Fiji and New Zealand, and then passed to other 132 countries all around the world. Famous buildings, parks turned off lights in succession, such as the highest building in the world Dubai Tower, Times Square in New York, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Sydney Opera House, The Pyramids of Egypt, Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Thailand Palace, Merlion Statue in Singapore.

China is no exception. The Imperial Palace, the Great Wall, The Bird Nest and other famous scenic spots or buildings turned off their lights in succession. Not only Beijing, other cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen did the same thing.

As a translation agency, CCJK, have been carrying this out in its own way. We adopt paper-free work. We receive files for translating by emails or instant messaging service. We send back the translated files also by those means. It greatly reduces the use of paper.

Besides, we use the air conditioner only in need. We adjust to the suitable temperature, never too high or too low. We seldom use disposable wares. We save water. We are doing something beyond the Earth Hour.

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