Weather Expressions

Recently it has always rained. As we all know, the weather is a never outdated topic when you are talking with the foreigners. Foreigners, especially English speakers, love to talk about the weather. As a good way of breaking the ice, people talk about weather in almost any occasions before they go about discussing their business. Friends, families, co-workers and even strangers discuss the weather, because it is easy to start a conversation by talking about the weather. Therefore, if you are familiar with the proper vocabulary and expressions, it is easy for you to start a conversation anytime and anywhere with anyone you meet. Below are some vocabularies about the rainy days: Drizzle: fine rain 毛毛雨 Light rain: 小雨 Flurry: a light gust of rain 骤雨 Shower: a brief fall of rain 阵雨 Downpour: tremendous pouring of rain, torrential rain 倾盆大雨、滂沱大雨 Rainstorm: a storm accompanied by rain 暴风雨 Monsoon: the rain that accompanies this wind 季风雨 Middle rain: 中雨 Heavy rain: 暴雨 Below are some common expressions about the weather (raining days). How is the weather? 天气怎么样? What’s it like out? 外面天气如何? It is raining. /It is rainy. 正在下雨呢。 Do you have rain there? 你那边下雨没? We haven't had a drop of rain for weeks. 几个星期都没下一滴雨啦。 What’s the weather forecast? 天气预报怎么说? They’re calling for blue skies all week. 连续一个星期都是大晴天。 It’s pouring here. It's been raining all week. 我这边正在下大雨呢。整整下了一星期的雨啦。 What's it doing there? 你那边天气怎么样? It's snowing outside. 外面正在下雪。 Weather Idioms and Sayings in English a bolt from the blue – something that happened unexpectedly 晴天霹雳 come hell or high water – in any circumstances, come what may 无论如何(就算天崩地裂) come rain or shine – in any circumstances, come what may 无论如何(风雨无阻) the end of the rainbow – where the treasure or end of a quest lies 所有愿望都能实现的地方 to get wind of – to receive information or a hint of, to come to know 听到风声 Make hay while the sun shines. – advice to do something at an opportune time 未雨绸缪 a ray of sunshine – someone or something that brings great joy 一缕阳光 right as rain – perfect, very good, healthy, correct, factually accurate 一切正常、状况良好 to shed light on something – to make something clearer 把某事弄得更明白 to rain on someone's parade – to ruin someone's plans 扫兴/冷水/打破计划 to scare the living daylights out of someone – to scare someone severely 吓得某人六神无主或魂飞魄散 scattered to the four winds – going in all directions 四处飞散 seven sheets to the wind – extremely intoxicated, very drunk 酩酊大醉 to steal someone's thunder – to take undue credit or praise for someone else's work or accomplishment 剽窃他人的成果 to take the shine out of someone or something – to deprive a person or thing of their or its brilliance or pre-eminence; to outshine, surpass 使逊色 to throw caution to the wind – to take a risk 豁出去了 under a cloud – in trouble or difficulties; out of favor 失宠 under the weather – not feeling well 身体不适 to have one's head in the clouds – when someone has unrealistic or impractical ideas 满脑子幻想 in a fog – confused, dazed, unaware 云里雾里/一无所知 in the clouds – obscure, mystical; fanciful, unreal; above the range of ordinary understanding 茫然不知所措 in the dark – uninformed, often intentionally 不明朗 in the eye of the storm – to be deeply involved in a difficult or controversial situation 身陷困境 to beat the living daylights out of someone – to beat someone severely 猛烈击打某人 in broad daylight – during the day with many witnesses 光天化日之下 the calm before the storm – a period of tranquility or stability viewed as a precursor to a time of difficulty, upheaval, frenzied activity, etc. 暴风雨前的平静(预示即将发生剧变等) to chase rainbows – to try to accomplish something that can never be achieved, to go on a useless quest 徒劳 to shine through – to be transparent 照耀进来(比喻:表现处理) to shine up to – to try to please, to make oneself pleasant to 百般讨好(某人) to shoot the breeze – to chat in a relaxed fashion 无拘无束地闲聊 to stem the tide – to make headway against, to slow or stop an increase 遏制…的浪潮 to take a shine to – to take a fancy to, to develop an interest in 有好感 to weather the storm – to reach the end of a very difficult situation without too much harm or damage 克服困难

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