Ways to be a professional RM (II)

More Important Tasks Come First Sometimes I may have several tasks to do at the same time, and it is not easy to keep the pace up. When I take over several tasks at the same time, I always feel a little dizzy at first, so I need to take a deep breath first and relax myself for a minute and then keep in mind which of them are the most important and work on those first. Note the deadlines, the progress and the difficulty to decide which task has to be worked firstly. Check my progress every day Though I already have a to-do list, checking the progress at the end of each day might be even more helpful. Note down what I did, what I failed to finish and what worked and didn’t worked for me that day. Maybe it is because of my personal characters, if I haven’t finished my tasks, on which I have made plans and listed in my notebook, in time, I may feel a little down. And then I will reflect upon my processes and mistakes made on these tasks. I need to keep myself clear in mind not make the same mistakes next time. I will be able to keep tracks of what I do and use the good situations to improve my work next time.

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