The Truth behind Fans Economy: Emotion Becomes an Additional Value

Fans Economy 很多人都发现了:现在有点名气的人,都不拘于自己的本行,流行跨界,赚粉丝的钱。锤子手机的“情怀”营销做得风生水起,《小时代》也在质疑声中一路高歌猛进,屡创票房佳绩,韩寒的《后会无期》还未上映就已经让粉丝心痒难搔,连一贯主张理性的“罗辑思维”,也卖起了“真爱”月饼。这是一个粉丝经济大行其道的时代。 Many people have realized that anyone who is a bit famous now will not confine himself/herself to his/her own profession, but they tend to cross the industry to earn fans’ money. Smartisan is very successful in the marketing of “feelings”; “Tiny Times" also advanced triumphantly and repeatedly enjoyed a great success at the box office amid doubts; before its release, “The Continent” already aroused fans’ great interest; even “Logic Show” that always advocates rationality is also doing the “True Love” moon cake business. Nowadays, fans economy is expanding in the market. 类似于:“《后会无期》我一定要买票看三遍,就因为不想让它的票房比《小时代 3》低!”——其实做出决定的时候,连这部电影讲的是什么故事可能都不知道,只为争一口气,就拍板了。 Similarly, “I must buy tickets to watch the movie “The Continent” three times, just because I don’t want to see it has a worse box office than “Tiny Times 3" —— Actually, when  making this decision, they even probably didn’t know the real story of this film. They just wanted to win the competition, and then made a final decision. 由此,我们就可以看出粉丝经济的社会土壤:一个孤独、空虚,个体无限渺小的时代。世界太大,人与人的距离太远,远到每一点关系都弥足珍贵。我们内心深处的情感无处寄托,只好送给素不相识的偶像。把他捧到无限高,就好像我们自己也放大了一样;帮他实现梦想,就好像我们自己的价值也实现了一样。所以真正最值钱的商品,其实是感情。在这个时代,真正的感情花多少钱买也不算贵,何况还附送一个手机或者一张电影票呢? Thus, we can see the social soil of fans economy: it is a solitary and hollow age when every individual is infinitely small. The world is so big that the distance between people is too far to reach, so even a slight relationship is so precious. There is no place to put our inmost emotion, so we have to pin our hope on the strange idol. It seems that we are becoming great when speaking very highly of the idol, and our value is realized too when helping the idol realize his/her dream. As a result, the really most valuable commodity is emotion. In the present era, we will not care about how much spent on the true emotion. Besides, don’t we have got a cell phone or a movie ticket? From: The Meihua Translated by Elodie, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. Edited by Ashley, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd. In case of any mistakes, queries or advice, please send emails to Many thanks!

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