Translaton III

中年人的阅读 the reading of middle aged 随着年龄的增长,书会像潮水一样涌来。 As age grows by, the books are flooding in. 不能随便歌颂书了,书往往是一些垃圾。 We cannot praise books as books are some rubbish in most cases. 清除垃圾很难,但起码可以绕开,绕得越远越好。 It is hard to get clear of the rubbish, but at least we can run around it, the future, the better. 当然有时候对于某些书的疏离,不只是书本身的问题,而主要是人的问题:作为一个读者,他的心情变了。 Of course, sometimes, we keep away of some books not because of the book itself, but mainly the problem of the people themselves: as a reader, his mood is changed. The aged and elderly people may not like the books that make teenager excited. To some extent, people in middle age become bleak desolate. 让青少年兴奋的书,中老年人不一定看。人一到了中年,心情多多少少变得苍凉了。 Middle-aged people’s emotions are both strong and simple, which will affect the selection of books. 中年人的情感既结实又朴素,这就影响到书的选择。 There are lots of middle-aged people with reading ability and reading habits, their knowledge, experience and judgment can deeply control the direction and interest for reading. 有阅读能力和阅读习惯的中年人是很多的,他们的知识、的经验和判断力有可能在深层左右着阅读的方向和趣味。 People in middle age prefer the records of true events and scenes, such as Biographies of important figures, Travel notes, Memoirs and Eye-witness account, Geological Survey record, Adventures, etc. 中年人更愿意看真实事件和场景的记录,比如重要人物的传记,游历笔记,回忆录和目击记,地理勘察录,探险记等等。 There is some special pleasure in the process of reading, it is because the process is always accompanied by such a reminder: these words are true. 在这种阅读中有一些特别的快感,那是因为整个过程始终伴随了这样的提醒:这些文字是真实的。

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