To Solve A Small Problem When Failing In Cleaning TTX Files

Have you ever come across a problem when you are cleaning a ttx file? First, You drag the file to the left blank area when cleaning the file. Then you click Generating Translation. A red warning occurred at the bottom of the window. It means it cannot find the route for the file. At first, I thought it must be something wrong with my ttx file, as sometimes the tags in the file are corrupted and this may result in failing cleaning. But I checked sentence by sentence, there is no tag problem at all. Then I thought it may be the problem of the settings. After comparing the settings with my colleague, I found all the settings are right. I don’t know what to do then even if I search google to solve it. Suddenly, I remembered once I cannot clean a file, too. Then I realized what the problem really is. I clicked log, choose scan, finally, I choose a route to back up the log. After I finished the setting, I tried again, and found it was successful. What I have learned from this small case is that: to solve a problem, you can several ways to do it. You can ask people for help. You can search the website. Of course, you can try it by yourself. Anyway, you will find the way to solve the problem and enjoy the happiness it takes to you.

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