To Explore New Functions of Trados Tool

I got to know Trados when I was in my first company. Before that, I thought Trados was a powerful tool that can translate automatically. Translation could be done just by clicking one key. Then I found it was just a tool for convenient translation. Your work could be clearer if there was a very long paragraph. Several days later, I learnt another function of this tool. If I have translated the same project, then there must be a memory for reference, and consistency can be guaranteed. These two functions are very useful in translation. Now I am not a translator. I am responsible for assigning projects to translators world-wide. So I always accept large projects from English translated into four or ten kinds of languages. For example, once I accepted one project from English to Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Swedish. When translated files are handed, I found some of the translation cannot be cleaned and should be corrected by the editor. Then I asked him to deliver the files again with the TM. Another PM Icy helped me with the problem. She asked me to do the translation again with the TM handed by the editor, then the files were successfully cleaned. How could I do it so quickly? There were 12000 word count. I just do it within 3 minutes. Just by click one button, all translation would be done in several seconds. It is magic. “ ” is of great help when you cannot clean files. I hope this article is helpful to those who are not familiar with Trados.

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