Take a Look at the Leaders’ Female Interpreters

NO.1  Princess Der Ling
◆慈禧太后翻译:裕德龄。裕德龄,满族,1886年出生于武昌,后在荆州、沙市度过了童年及青少年时代。上世纪初,精通八国外语的漂亮、聪慧的德龄公主,走进了充满神秘、诡异又异常险恶的皇宫,作为御前女官为慈禧翻译。 Empress Dowager Cixi’s interpreter:Princess Der Ling. Princess Der Ling, Manchu, born in Wuchang in 1886, spent her childhood and teenage years in Jingzhou and Shashi. In the early years of last century, the beautiful and intelligent Princess De Ling who had a good command of eight foreign languages, as the lady-in-waiting interpreting for EmpressDowager Cixi, stepped into the mysterious, strange and sinister imperial palace.

NO.2  Soong May-ling
◆宋美龄婚后,任蒋介石秘书及英文翻译,活跃于外交场合。 Soong May-ling, as Chiang Kai-shek’ssecretary and English interpreter after marriage, was active in diplomatic occasions.


NO.3  Shi Yanhua
◆施燕华曾担任邓小平英文翻译。1980年邓小平接受意大利记者法拉奇采访,右二为翻译施燕华 Shi Yanhua served as Deng Xiaoping’s English interpreter. The second person from right was interpreter Shi Yanhua when Deng Xiaoping accepted an interview from Italian reporter Oriana Fallaci in 1980.

NO.4  Shi Yanhua Wu Lili
◆毛泽东的翻译吴莉莉 Chairman Mao Zedong’s interpreter Wu Lili


NO.5   Zhang Hanzhi
◆毛泽东建国后的翻译:章含之。图右为章含之。 The interpreter of Chairman Mao Zedong after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China: Zhang Hanzhi. The person from right is Zhang Hanzhi.

NO.6 Tang Wensheng
◆唐闻生。尼克松访华期间,江青用“样板戏”招待客人,唐闻生为他们担任翻译。 Tang Wensheng. During Nixon's visit to China, Jiang Qing entertained the guest with the model opera. Tang Wensheng served as an interpreter for them.

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