Summary of the first two week's job

Sep. 15 and Sep. 16 were training time, we translated two exercise files and had a lecture on translation of traditional Chinese. In the following week, I had translated a traditional Chinese project, a handbook of refractometer, some recruitment information of a college in Québec, Canada, a PDF file of Amerigroup and a software license agreement of Phase One. Among them, the translation of the recruitment information of the college in Québec was favourable, there were some French terms in the project, and I had to look them up in Google translation. But the feedback of Amerigroup’s translation was not very good, it was the first time that I translated Traditional Chinese project, there were some common sense mistakes, such as, “quality” should be put into “品质”, not “质量”. Phase One software license agreement was a legal file, the translation should be clear and compact, my work was a little bit too wordy. In the beginning of the 2nd week, I translated a PANSS evaluation report of a Schizophrenia case. The project had 3900 words, but it had a reference file. So I spent some time in the weekend to work on it in order to deliver it on time. Since I accumulated some medical knowledge and found all the Chinese translation of the PANSS itmes online, this project was finished smoothly. And then came the website localization project of Critical Elements, a Canadian mining company. There were lots of special terms in the chemical industry. The last project was about the latest software i1Profiler D2LionEdition of X-Rite for Apple OS X Lion operation system.

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