Simple Sentence Is Not Simple

Simple Sentence Is Not Simple

1. There are books and books. 书有种种,好坏不一。 It may be translated into "(世上)有各种各样的书" by most of people. Yet by comparision, isn't it amazing to have this version. Elegant, native and beautiful sentence. 2. These alternations of mood were the despair and joy of Ethan Frome. 她这样一会儿一种情绪,叫伊坦时而灰心,时而高兴。 "alternations of mood" is a hard nut to crack in the sentence. But the translator splited it into two parts, "一会儿一种情绪" and "叫伊坦时而灰心,时而高兴". Natural and smooth.

3. Paula didn't need any lessons when it comes to office politics. 说到办公室里明争暗斗那一套,保拉可算是无师自通。 This is a perfect example of one important translation strategy, that is, extension. "office politics" is extended to be "办公室里明争暗斗". Without the accurate understanding of "office politics", the translator can not come up this version. "didn't need any lessons" is translated into "可算是无师自通", which is also an excellent part. 4. The result of this was that believers still believed and doubters remained doubtful. 此事的结果是信者自信之,疑者自疑之。 5. He had left a note of welcome for me, as sunny as his face. 他留下一封信,对我表示欢迎;那信写得热情洋溢,一如其人。(黄邦杰:《译艺谭》) It is a simple sentence, but translating it does not that simple. "sunny" is the key word, which modifies "note" and "his face". "热情洋溢" and "一如其人" endow the same brilliant sparkles to the sentence. 6. He sought the distraction of distance. 他想远走高飞,免得心烦。 "distraction" and "distance"  is divided into different clause, which makes the meaning clearly understood and structure balanced.

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