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Quality Management (QM) System is implemented popularly all over the world. With further research, a complete theoretical system on quality system has been formed. QM system is consisted of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). For the localization translation company, QA plays an important role in the workflow, not like QC, just need to check if the completed product is qualified or not. In the localization translation company, QA staff needs to make sure the final translations without the following main kinds of errors: 1. Format Issue In the completed translations, not only need take care of the correct translation for the source, but also need pay attention to the correct format in the translation. Generally, in the translation, need to add extra space between English letter and the translation, please see the below example. Support for all print PANTONE library references 支持PANTONE印刷色彩库中的所有参考值 支持 PANTONE 印刷色彩库中的所有参考值 2. Accuracy Except for the format issue, as the translator, we also need ensure the accuracy of the translation, e.g., the order of the parallel contents in the translation, the correct translation in the target language. So while doing QA work, need to pay attention to the above points,the following examples for reference. Supports latest industry standards (ISO, PSO, G7, Japan Color) (Existing translation) 支持最新的行业标准(ISO、G7、PSO、日本色彩)_ (Suggested translation) 支持最新的行业标准(ISO、PSO、G7、日本色彩) You need to put that somewhere on this slide (Existing translation) 你需要把它置于这张幻灯片上的某个地方 (Suggested translation) 您需要把它置于这张幻灯片上的某个地方 You really need another column (Existing translation) 你确实需要另起一列 (Suggested translation) 您确实需要另起一列 Associate by job, sheet or sample set (Existing translation) 按照工作、印张或样品集相互关联 (Suggested translation) 按照工作、纸张或样品集相互关联 3. Missing Translation To start translating a new project, should be aware of not losing translation in the target language, this kind of error belongs to the critical error in the seriousness aspect. Please take a look at the following examples. If they can tighten up the color to make it more consistent across various systems they can sell more. (Existing translation) 如果能严格规范色彩,进而在各种不同的系统中保持色彩的一致性,就能够提高销量。 (Suggested translation) 如果他们能严格规范色彩,进而在各种不同的系统中保持色彩的一致性,就能够提高销量。 Color iQC Print Basic (Existing translation) Color IQC Basic (Suggested translation) Color IQC Print Basic 4. Inconsistence of the same terminology In the one same project, as the translator, need to keep the same terminology with the consistent translation in the target language, please look at the below examples here. X-RITE PANTONE HAS THE LEADING BRANDS ACROSS THE PRINT & PACKAGING INDUSTRY.(INCLUSIVE OF GRAPHIC DESIGN) 在印刷包装行业,爱色丽 PANTONE 拥有诸多领先的品牌。(包括图形设计) X-Rite eXact combines the latest technology along with industry standards to provide the best in class color measurement performance for the print and packaging industry爱色丽 eXact 将最新的技术以及行业标准相结合,为印刷和包装行业提供同类最佳的测色性能 VERIFY, OPTIMIZE AND CERTIFY THE SUPPLY CHAIN 查验、优化和认证供应链 NetProfiler is a cloud-based blend of software and color standards that allows you to verify, optimize and certify the performance of color measurement devices. NetProfiler 是爱色丽基于云计算推出的软件与色彩标准综合工具,使您可以检验、优化并证实色彩测量设备的性能。 To do QA work better, except for the above several points mentioned, if you have any other suggestion, welcome to let us know, thanks.

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